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Happiness Alert: How to Ease On Down the Road to Happiness

  Happiness. Who wants it? We all do. What does it look like? In the world of social media, it can take on all forms like: A new book. Kittens playing in boxes. Graduation. Minions. A wedding. A divorce. A new mate. A new car. A margarita. Farmville. Vacation. A million dollars in donations. A million… Read more »

Happiness Alert: How to be Complete in Your Eyes

  Do you remember the song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel? If you’re like me, you can hear every single word in head and karaoke it in your sleep. It’s one of those songs that once you know it, it will stay with you for a long time, like an unwanted houseguest.   And… Read more »

Happiness Alert: How to Use the Beauty of Anger

      The rain comes down. The power goes off. Sometimes things don’t work. The money runs out. The love fades away. Things don’t happen according to plan. In a world where happiness is the primary focus and goal, where do negative emotions fit in? And how do we deal with them? Many of… Read more »