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F is for Forgiveness

Want Happiness? Use The F Word.

The F word. No, not that one. The other one. Forgiveness.   When we think about the concept of forgiveness, it is a process that can leave us feeling sticky, itchy, or downright nauseous.   Whether we need to forgive another or ourselves, there always seems to be a resistance to do it. Just as… Read more »

No is your friend.

Happiness Alert: Knowing No

  There are many things in life that it is easy to say “no” to. For example, do you want to run out of gas on the highway? No. Do you want to stay alone for the rest of your life? No. Do you want your pants to fit tight-uncomfortably tight? No. Do you want… Read more »


No Tears for Fears. The Art of Asking

Don’t fear the tears. Just ask. We are very interesting beings. When we were very young, we had the capacity to ask for anything we wanted. Our mother. A bottle. Wipe my boogers. Wipe my butt. More candy. I want a unicorn. When we didn’t get our needs met then we would pout, stomp, and… Read more »