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How to Make the Big Change: The Ride of Your Life

Sometimes I feel like throwing up.   Sometimes I feel like throwing up when I watch my kids. I feel woozy when they are playing with sticks, rocks, bugs, or when the ride their bikes. Especially when they ride their bikes. With their well-fitted helmets and training wheels, I see their chicken legs wobble, and… Read more »

Use or lose.

  Use it or lose it. The Price of Not Using Your Intuition.

  What would you do to save a life?   Would you listen to that little voice in your head? Would you feel those tingly sensations in your stomach? Would you notice that something didn’t feel quite right at the moment? Would you let that nagging feeling linger and do something about it? Or simply… Read more »

Strengthen that Lifeline.

Happiness Alert: How to Find Hope at the End of Your Rope

Something amazing just happened to you. You got a new dog. You’re getting married. You found a new job. A new home. Who are you going to call to let them know the good news? When something devastating happens to you like an illness, a death, a breakup, a job loss, or simply depression, would… Read more »