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Courage Alert: Paying the Price for the Life you Want

You are alive TODAY. Whatcha want? Whatcha really, really want? The great thing about being alive today is there are an infinite amount of ways to live, thrive and contribute. Your life is a creative expression in action. How you create, this is up to you. To be a success in life, you must focus on what you… Read more »

Mindful Alert: How to Hang with the Moment in 3 Steps

  We rush. We rush from bed to coffee. Coffee to the door. Door to car. Then we are off to another busy day of busyness. There is no taste from the food that nourishes us. Our work fills the time clock. Our conversations with others become an afterthought. We are caught in the doing, and thinking ahead…. Read more »

Courage Alert: How to Stop Fighting with Joy

    Respect the Joy. Have you ever noticed when you have some exciting news and tell someone you numb it or dumb it down when it comes to its joy level? For instance, you got your dream job or dream lover, and someone congratulates you, and you say, “well, we’ll see if it lasts long…” Or… Read more »