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Courage Alert: How to Feng Shui Your Friends.

Springtime. It is that time of year when we are itching to Feng Shui our house, spring clean our closets, and get the weeds out of our gardens. Why stop there?   Think of the people you encounter every single day. Think of their energy. When you think of particular friends, coworkers, family or lovers,… Read more »

Courage Alert: Release the Unicorn. Do you.

I love seeing the sayings, “Life is too complicated as a human. Time to be a Unicorn.” or “If you can’t be yourself, be a Unicorn.” My personal favorite is “I look into the mirror, and I see a unicorn. One bad-ass unicorn.”   I get it. There are days I wish I were a… Read more »

Courage Alert: Please Leave the Waiting Room

If you ever have had the great blessing of witnessing a kid waiting for something, it probably looked like a torture session straight out of a horror movie. Uncontrollable wincing, body contortion, crying, whining, and blood-curdling screams. And the simple truth could have been that they were waiting their turn to change the channel, to be “it,”… Read more »