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How to Stop Feeding Yourself Negativity  

Morning. In the morning, what is the very first thing that enters your mind? I don’t want to get up. I’m late. I didn’t set the coffee. I’m out of filters. Shoot. I’m out of gas. Work is gonna suck. Traffic is gonna be a beast. I’ve got too much to do. I can’t deal… Read more »

Just keep swimming.

How to Keep Swimming Through Troubled Waters

I almost drowned.   Last week, the water was deep. A friend’s wife, who psychiatrist, was attacked and killed by a patient who snapped. Days later, I read of the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. Last Thursday, I experience the sorrow in my beloved town of Dallas when we lost five men in the line… Read more »

Hold on stronger and longer.

How to Hold On to Happiness

Vacation…all I ever wanted…   When it comes to creating and sustaining your happiness, does it feel like a vacation or a dead-end job? Do you look at your days only to get to five o’clock or limp along to the weekend. Or to the next paycheck? Does this suck the life out of you… Read more »