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Courage Alert: How to Ride the Road to A Bigger Love

  Most people want their dream job, their soulmate, to live with passion, to be happy in the present moment. Who doesn’t? When I ask them what that job, soulmate, or desire look like, many times I get a look of confusion and a face as if I asked them if they have syphilis.  … Read more »

Courage Alert: The Power of Questions. Ask Better. Live Better

Ask yourself a question. Who is the single most person you interact with each day? Who do you call, text, FB, Twitter, Skype, or follow? After you have gone through your short list of celebrity and real BFFs, close friends, family, fringe friends, who is left? The person you are going to spend the most time with on… Read more »

Courage Alert: How to Be Fearless

  Fear. Just saying or reading the mere word of “fear” can leave us with a feeling of uncertainty and unease. We face fear in hundreds of little ways each day as we think or ask ourselves series of questions. Will I be okay? Will she be okay? Will she make it today? Am I safe?… Read more »