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Happiness Alert: How to Rescue Yourself From Anything

  When I counsel individuals, I encounter many scenarios from people who are looking for guidance, direction, and the power to help them in their desires for abundance, love, peace and ultimately happiness.   The first part of my process is to listen intuitively to their stories of what is happening to them or what… Read more »

It's time say, "Yes" to wealth.

Happiness Alert: Watch Your Words of Worth

  We live in a quick paced world of one-liners, sound bites, hearsay, snarky comments and LOL acronyms. How do these things affect our relationship with each other, the universe and our abundance? And how about ourselves?   As I begin to work on today’s blog, I clicked on my site and up popped a… Read more »

Are you reacting or responding in the pursuit of happiness?

Happiness Alert: Responding or Reacting?

  How are you today? Are you awake? Are you at peace? Are you excited? Do you have something to look forward to during the day? Or are you already sick, baked, cooked, burnt, deep-fried?   How you wake up in the morning each day is a very good indicator of not just how you… Read more »