Destiny's Child The beautiful and lovely Destiny’s Child and me without my weave.                       Swenson  (c) 2004                                                                                        

Do you long for a rich, crazy, sexy, cool, life? If you do, then clean your house. Seriously. If you are longing for adventure, looking for love, want a promotion, want peace on earth, or want a life different from your own, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. I know this doesn’t sound sexy cool, but here’s the deal. Other than your place of employment, your dwelling is where most of your lifetime is spent. If your house looks like you are trying to audition for Hoarders, then this is where your potential mojo goes.

Do this experiment. Go outside your house and pretend you are walking in your house for the first time as a neighbor would. What do you see? If you see clothes humping your furniture and dishes fighting for space in the sink, what does this house say about your goals and dreams? If you have fast food bags and containers taking a siesta on your counter, and more laundry (never mind if it’s clean or not), on your exercise equipment, how does this reflect on your health or vitality? If you have pets or litter boxes, do they stink? And if you can’t smell it anymore, how does this mirror your current life experiences? Does your life stink?

Sure. Life can be a challenge and sometimes all you want to do is dive into the couch, shove something down your belly and watch the latest reality show or jump in the rabbit hole of social media. And doing this on a daily basis creates a habit that doesn’t seem as bad as first, until you are actually on Hoarders.

Everything in your house is energy. You are just a little energy nugget.  You sense everything whether you are conscious of it or not. Have you ever been next to someone that was very attractive, rich or famous and became excited? It’s because you got caught up in their energy field of awesomeness. Have you ever been by someone who was sad, mad, or crazy and you felt so uncomfortable in your body that you wanted to catapult yourself to another universe? You experienced this feeling because your energy was being dragged down by their lower vibration, and your being didn’t want to go down that road of cray-zay.

Okay, so back to your house. If your house is cluttered, you can’t find anything, and your laundry doesn’t need Febreze- it needs gasoline, all these things are pulling you down. Way down. Everyday. Everyway. And overtime, you don’t even see it or smell it because you are on a lower vibration. A stinky vibration. Like attracts like and this is a “like” you will not like even on Facebook.

So what do you? If you can’t even IMAGINE cleaning your entire house, don’t do it. Start small. Clean your bed.  Next, aim for one room or one drawer. Make it little and doable. After you complete a small task such as cleaning off a table, step back and see how you feel.

You should feel a sense of accomplishment or a sense of lightness and openness. Keep going. This good energy will continue with you when you walk out the door, when you go to work, when you encounter others, when you make decisions, and again, like attracts like.

You will notice and experience more pleasant things, including people. You will see opportunities, abundance, and solutions that you didn’t before. You will receive more love from your pets because you’re noticing their needs as well. This sensation of expansion and fabulousness will just keeps going on and on as long as you tend to your home and your energy.  Love your home. Love yourself and the Universe will love you back.

Next, spread that love to your car!

What small steps can you do today to improve the quality of your surroundings to attract you to the life and the things you desire? 

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