The Time is NOW. Kim Flores (c) 2013

The Time is NOW. Kim Flores (c) 2013

Around this time of year everyone is bustling and rushing around. With the new year approaching, people see change as a new opportunity. It’s been our pattern for centuries. We want change, we like change, but many times we are fearful of what change means long term and we later resist or sabotage efforts, relationships and dreams.


Here is three ways to embrace the change and even invite it to happy hour.


Spontaneity can be a great thing but many of us do not like it when it comes to our job…. (Your project is due when?), when it comes to our security. (My bank card has been compromised?) Or relationships (Yes, he’s spontaneous but with someone else!!!)

Here is how you can grow the Power of Spontaneity in your life.


1. Don’t judge the moment.

If an opportunity comes your way, don’t instantly start labeling it as good or bad. If you notice it, this is a good thing, because this means you have an awareness of how you operate in life. This also means you can step back and ask yourself other questions such as, “What good things could happen if I do this?”

By allowing your mind and spirit to play the universe will engage with you in this fashion. Life becomes more interesting and fun and as a bonus you build the superpower muscle to handle all of life’s unexpected suprises.


2. Retire the Tired.

If it’s 6:00 AM and you know exactly how your entire day is going to go from start to finish, then it’s time to redefine your time to harness spontaneity. Now, I’m not advising you to swim in a sea of vodka or to date the entire neighborhood of married men. But if you watch TV from 6-11 each night, and it’s not serving you anything besides filling the void, then shift your daily pattern. Read. Listen to music. Go out to dinner on a Tuesday. Walk you dog. Walk your neighbor’s dog. Visit a shelter. Visit a friend. By making the shift fun and exciting, you are rewiring your brain and your body for new experiences. You’re mind, body, and spirit will thank you for this opportunity.


3. Be curious and plant seeds.

Life’s purpose is to allow us to grow as beings and encounter new things, people and situations to facilitate that growing. Like plants we are either growing or dying. There is no in between. Sometimes the growth feels forced upon us as big life events come into our realm. So here’s a way to embrace it for our own superpower. Be curious and plant your own seeds.


As you go through your day, stay present and notice the little things that make you happy and stretch those ideas. Enjoy a great cup of coffee? Then go somewhere new for coffee next time. And take a friend. Notice someone’s running shoes? Go for a walk that day, instead of walking to the remote. See someone that catches your eye? Go up and say, “Hello.” By trying new things and looking for new opportunities, you are really using your superpower to its full potential and are seizing life’s moments and living to your potential.


How does that feel? Great. Now, don’t let your cape get stuck on your way out.



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