Toot loud and proud

Toot loud and proud

How are you doing?


How’s your day? 


How’s your life? 


Having a good one?

How many times do you hear this in a day? For me at least ten to fifteen. I hear it from my friends and family. I even hear it from people that I meet on the street. How many times to you hear these types of questions?

More importantly, how do you answer? Here are a few samplings of what I have heard in the last week,


I’m making it.

 I’m just glad to make it out of here alive. 

 Am I alive?



 Nobody’s dead or in jail. 


 I’m ready to kill someone.

 I’m dead.

I’m the walking dead.

 Another buck.

 Working for the man. 

Sheeeeet. (They weren’t talking about linens.)

 It sucks. I suck.

Well, I’ve had better days. 

 I don’t even know.

 I’m done.

I just want it to be over.

How many feel familiar? How many feel familiar coming from your mouth? If it’s more than one, let’s look at possibilities.

When speaking about mindfulness, Mindful Schools.Org teacher Vinny Ferraro cites studies that show we have about “50-60 thousand thoughts a day.” And the real eye opener or mind splitter is that “90% are repetitive thoughts.” And 80% of those thoughts have a tendency to be negative. 

I know, it’s crazy. But hold on. Take a breath. And another. Do it again.

In the space there is some grace.

While research supports that our brain goes into negative mode for survival, we do have some wiggle room about the thoughts in our brain.
When you are thinking things or looking at things or making judgments about things,

recognize that these are thoughts. This isn’t reality. This is your story about what you believe is going on or not.

When you recognize your story or your thinking is going in a negative direction, don’t beat yourself up; just recognize that this is simply a pattern of being a human being. Alive on the planet. Right here. Right now.

Now, here’s the great thing about the mind, it’s not fixed. It’s flexible, like Silly Putty. So the next time someone asks, “How are you doing?” and something sarcastic or sassy is about to depart from your lips… CHOOSE. TO. DO. SOMETHING. DIFFERENT.

Blow your horn. Loudly. Kindly. With Humor. Or Fun. Brag. Tell people…

You’re awesome.

You’re living large.

 You’re too sexy for your office.

 That you’re good enough, smart enough, and gosh, darn it, people really do like you.

 You’re loving it.

 You’re too blessed to be stressed. 

 You’re happy to see their face.

 You’re wearing clean underwear. 

(Okay, maybe not the last one. Law enforcement may be called. But you get the gist.)

Tell people why you are happy. Tell people why you are thankful. Why you are excited Tell people why you are grateful to be alive in this very moment. Tell them that you love them.

Here’s the awesome thing about your brain. It can’t tell if you are lying or not. Thoughts are real to the brain. If you say you’re awesome, your brain is going to refer to it’s computer data base and support your thinking.

By learning to toot your own horn about how good things are you receive big helping of benefits right now. You give your brain a quest to support you in your happiness story. It will show off in your physiology. Your body will “do” happy or “do” excited. You boost the happy chemicals in your body and strengthen your immune system.

When you are tooting your horn, you are in a state of wellbeing and you emit that frequency. It’s exactly like the love or happiness frequency. It’s a sexy frequency. People want to be around you. You want to be around you. You become a whole lot kinder to yourself and more self supportive and in doing so, you are presented with more opportunities, more courage, more abundance, more happiness, more fun and more peace.

Throughout the day, be mindful of your self-talk throughout the day and how you broadcast or sound to others. Blow that horn and let the world know how fabulous it is to be you. And then let them know how fabulous it is to be them. Toot on and Toot strong. And by shifting our 50-60 thousand thoughts one at a time with mindfulness we can make beautiful music together. Namaste.

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