Small is the new big.

Small is the new big.


Small. Tiny. Miniscule. Wee.


What images or feelings come up when you see these words?


Jellybean? Ant? Weak? Insignificant? Loser?


What about when it comes to your life and your desires?


Every had a “tiny life goal”?


A “miniscule” thing to do on your bucket list?


Enjoyed a nice ‘”small” raise or promotion at work?


A “wee” love of your life?


Your “littlest” heart’s desire?


Let’s face it. Small doesn’t sound fun, sexy, exciting, intriguing, or meaningful. In a world of big events, big news, big ideas, big loves, giant goals, huge dreams, small is just that… small.


Want a ginormous, gigantic, Titantic mind-blowing, soul shaking thought to ponder throughout your day? Okay, get ready….


Small is the new big.


Small is the big secret.


Small is everything you have ever wanted.


Crazy, right?


Here is the big little secret of small.


In life, if you can’t make time to do the small things of your life, you will never-ever, ever-never do the big things right. And even if you do big things, it will never feel congruent or aligned with who you are or your soul’s path. You will be chasing a giant imaginary unicorn of bigness. This is not big fun. In a small word, it sucks.


So here’s how to have it all:


Making Peace with Small


Be Small with Yourself

The great thing about making peace with small is that you can start wherever you are.

Want to feel accomplished today? Make your bed. It’s a small thing of course.

Now, do it everyday. By doing it everyday, you are creating the inner and outer sensations that you can accomplish the thing you imagine and desire.

Want to lose weight? Again, start small. Take more steps. Even if it is100 more a day. And keep doing it. Repetition is the mother of skill. You will feel proud of honoring your commitment.

Want to find the love of your life? Start small. Make more eye contact with others throughout the day. Talk to 3 people you don’t know during the week. If that’s too much, then try 3 people during the month and keep going daily.


Be Small with Your Dreams

Want to write a book? Start small and write a sentence a day. And don’t stop. DON’T STOP.

Want to learn how to dance? Start small by practicing daily in your house for one song. And don’t stop.

Want to save money, but hate saving? Start small. Try a dollar a day. Don’t spend it on day three. Save it and keep going.


Be Small with Your Present Moment

 In life, when we peek back through our lifetime, some of our greatest moments were not the big loud ones. Many of them are the ones where we shared a laugh with family or friends. It’s the times where someone stopped wherever they were and held your hand in your darkest moment. It’s saying good-bye to those we love. It’s the small moment of looking in the eyes of someone you love and who loves you back completely. Cats, dogs, and babies included.


Becoming aware of this sensation is critical to your well-being and happiness because knowing this, you can be present in more small moments throughout your day.


Really see the people at work or out and about that say, “have a good day”. See the person who holds the door open for you. See your kids and not your phone when they ask you to find “golden treasure”. See and be present for your animals when you come home and their only desire other than eating and pooping is to be near you.

With the holidays approaching, making peace with the small moments will help you stay out of big overwhelm, big anxiety, and big debt.

Given a the enormous challenges that the world faces, we can make a difference and create change by making peace with things that seem small like forgiveness, kindness and gratitude to ourselves first so that we can collectively give enormously back to the world. This is big. This is big small love.


So give it your all. Try it in this moment. And go small. Namaste.

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