Use the Force for Good.

Use the Force for Good.

What do you want? We can ask Santa to bring it to us. We can set New Year’s resolutions to wish for it. Or we can be like Yoda and The Force.


Today, let’s use The Force.


When it comes to getting what you want, there are two big questions.


  1. What do you want?
  2. How do you want to feel?


It’s crucial to know not just what you want, but to understand how getting what you want is going to make you feel. Two people can want the same exact thing and have different feelings attached to them.


For example, one person may want a new boyfriend or girlfriend. For that person the end feeling may be they want to feel happiness by being in love.


For another person, they may be after the feeling of security. This person may feel safe in a relationship because they do not have to experience their fear of being alone. Or living with a Wookie.


Same thing goes with the goal of making money. One person could have the desire to make more money to feel the freedom of having more options in life. For someone else who wants to make more money, the feeling they want to experience is the pure security of having their basic needs met.


Having the goal of losing weight may come with the desire to feel healthy and avoid getting sick or dying at a young age. For another person, that same weight loss could make someone feel more accepting of their body, more attractive, and less like Jabba the Hut. Same goal. Different feelings attached to reaching that goal.


So how do you get what you want so you can experience all those feelings you desire? You use the Force.


The Force of Resourcefulness.


Your resourcefulness.


Now, before your fantastic brain starts listing and spitting out all the resources that you lack because you don’t know how to use the Force, hang tight, young Jedi.


Here are Three Secrets of Getting What You Want by Using the Force.

Secret #1. Divorce Your Remorse

Luke: “I can’t believe it.”

Yoda: “That is why you fail.”


It’s one thing to know what you want. It’s another thing to know you can have it.

It is a common trap to believe we can’t have something or achieve something because we don’t have it yet. And this crappy consistent negative thinking will only bring about the same result, which is lack. And that’s crap. Crap-lack.


To divorce the feeling of lack, we only need to take a moment to remember. Just think of a time when we didn’t get something or something didn’t happen. But in time, it did.


If you can’t remember and “can’t believe it,’” let me refresh your memory.


When you were a baby, you didn’t know how to walk or talk the first time. As a toddler, you didn’t know how to poop and wipe the first time.


If you can read this now, chances are you have mastered walking, talking and pooping. Please don’t send any Instagram photos, I don’t need any proof. My psychic feedback tells me you have already gone pro.


But when it comes to getting what you want in life and you haven’t gotten it yet, have the faith in yourself to stay the course. Be mindful that this moment is different from the past. Allow your point of view to have the flexibility of possibilities.


As Yoda suggested, “Many truths that we cling on depend on our point of view.”


So cling to a good one. A really good one.


Secret #2: Enforce Your Resources

Luke: “What’s in there?”

Yoda: “Only what you take with you.”


The second secret to using the Force is to use your resources. When it comes to resources, it’s not what you have or not, it’s using what you have effectively and wisely.


For example, in my younger years dating was not easy for me. Latina, short like Yoda, I had big boobs, a big mouth, heard spirits and was a little above average intelligence. (Not much has changed over the decades.) In my mind, I wasn’t the 5’8 blonde with the soft, sweet, kind syrupy voice. Or even Princess Leia-like.


But I knew I wanted companionship. I wanted to spend my time with someone who cared for me and I could love. And experience the feeling of love. So, I pulled myself and my little Yoda legs up by my Jedi bootstraps and used the resources I had.


I loved people. I loved making friends. I loved having fun. I liked trying new things. I loved really listening to people and helping them. By doing what came natural to me and what I loved to do, I met people. I met lots of people and their cousins, and their friends, and their bosses. In that process, I had the chance to meet, make friends, help people and in the end, found someone I could spend my life with. Did it happen overnight? No. Was it worth it? It’s been almost 25 years worth (dark side and all.)


Now, I could have cursed my life away and to become a Vader-hater. Instead, I started to use the Force of Resources and you can too.


How can you use your natural talents or abilities to get what you desire?

What can you use that you enjoy doing to get what you want in life?

Who do you know that can help you?

Who has or is doing what you want?

What is another way to get what you want that you would be willing to try?


These are just a few questions you could ask yourself when you reflect and remember all the resources that are available to you.


By using your resources, you create momentum to take action to get closer to what you want in life. And this IS secret #3.

Secret #3. Use Your Task – Force

 Yoda: “Do or not. There is no try.”


Yoda doesn’t mince words here and this is why he uses the Force, like a boss.

And like Yoda, you can be the boss of your own life and just do it.


It’s not enough to know what you want and why you want it. It’s not enough to reframe your thinking about what you know is possible. It’s not enough to know your resources. But these combined with you taking consistent action will yield amazing results.


This is your Task-Force Resource. This means each and everyday that you humanly can, you will do a task that is in your own power or control to move closer to what you desire. If you don’t think it’s possible to do something everyday, then let me help you refresh your memory again.


You probably brush your teeth everyday… if you didn’t you’d lose them.

You probably eat everyday… if you didn’t, you’d probably perish.

It’s fair to say, you breathe everyday… if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.


So if you can do these things everyday, can’t you do something, a task to make your life meaningful and fabulous? Sure you can.


I thought so, so put that light saber down, already.


Think small steps. Really small. Like Yoda’s feet small.


Want to have love in your life?

Start small: Start smiling more to people in your everyday life. Just do it.


Want to be a millionaire?

Start small: Save that five bucks at Starbucks and open a savings account. Start tracking your spending each day. And keep doing it each day.


Want to start your own business?

Start small: Find someone who is doing exactly what you want to do and find out how they got started. If they are famous, Google them. If they are local, shoot them an email. You have nothing to lose. If you get no response, find someone else to email. And keep going until you get the information you need to take your next step. Then take it.


Want to lose 60 pounds?

Start small: Increase your steps, drink water or dance to one of your favorite songs. If you survived doing any of these tasks, then do it again the next day and keep going. Then start adding more tasks to help you get closer to your goal.


Want to find your purpose in life?

Start Small: Discover what you love to do and use it to serve. Love reading? Volunteer to read to children or the blind. Love to take care of animals? Volunteer at the shelter or be a foster home for an animal. Not ready to commit? Then donate something, anything, like money or items to a shelter. Once you do this it will feel good and you will want to keep going.



By using The Force of Resourcefulness, you experience all of Yoda’s wisdom. You can “feel the force” by using your own intuition to help you move in the direction that will bring you happiness.


By using your natural resources and connections and taking steps each day, you will be able to “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” You will get closer to attaining what you truly want or desire.


When you finally get what you want, “Always pass on what you have learned.” This is Yoda’s reminder of putting goodness back for what you have received.


As for this Latina- La Yoda would say, “You can have it all, if you use The Force, of course, but use it with love.” Namaste.

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