Find the funny.

Find the funny.


Life is short. Messy. Dramatic at times. Scary.

And here we are desperately trying to make sense of it.

Trying to get all the juice we can from it. Trying to find meaning, love, passion, excitement, adventure and safety in one giant swoop.


All while feeling completely vulnerable.


In our underwear.






Underwear. Underwear. Underwear.


Did you smile or laugh when you read the word “underwear”? Or did you laugh nervously because you were embarrassed with the underwear you are currently wearing? Or not wearing?


That’s okay. This is a safe place. There is no judgment here. Some might judge me with my giant comforter size of underwear aka granny panties.


I have no shame in my game. This is how I roll in my underwear.


Through out our day, we have many opportunities to get outside ourselves, laugh, and get our fun done. Do you do it? Do you have fun? Laughter is a serious business. And if want to make the money, you have to create the funny. This includes the wealth of your life and the wealth of your health.


Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that by laughing, you take in more rich oxygen to your heart, lung, and muscles. In addition, you help your brain release the endorphins that are the biology of happiness.


Laughing can also help you cool down your response to stress and leave you feeling relaxed and this relaxation can also ease the physical pain of stress. All these benefits are short term.


But this same laughter has long-term results as well, from boosting your immune system, to pain management, to increasing personal satisfaction and improving your mood. This is some serious fun.


So how do you do this? Are you thinking, “I’m not funny.”


If you don’t think you’re funny, look at your underwear.


We all are funny. It just takes practice and intention. You don’t have to be crazy about it. Here are 3 quick steps to get your Fun Done.


  1. Intention with Connection

The first step is to start looking for things that are funny or make you laugh throughout your day. Notice what they are. Is it your co-workers banter? Is it a cat meme on Facebook? Is it someone making a face at you? Notice what your style of fun is and find more of it. With that said, this is not “false fun” that is malicious or snarky. That’s fun that makes you feel regretful and depleted. And that’s no fun.


  1. Take Stock of Your Fun

Reflect over your day, your week, or your month. On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the most fun you have ever had, how much fun did you have? You should notice a quick pattern. Even if you just take stock of a week. If you noticed that your fun is being sucked out of your life, then this is fabulous. You just created a new awareness and now have the ability to choose to do something different. So do it. If you aren’t creating some fun and laughter during each day, then find something new to bring into your experience. I’m not suggesting you run into the street with your underwear. You may get arrested, but you could watch a new show, read a new book, hang out with someone you think would be fun. Someone who makes you laugh.


  1. Lease out your Laugher.

Having fun and laughter is great but it’s an experience that is meant to be shared. Laughter is the glue that bonds us. Once you have learned how to get your fun done, it’s important to help others get theirs on. Everyone has a certain type of humor that makes them come alive. By helping others whether it’s just sharing life stories, jokes or experiences, you become a magnet of laughter and joy.


The joke of life is to enjoy all phases and find humor and laughter in all of it.


Even on her deathbed, my mother Amelia knew the importance of laughter. She said whenever I wanted her after she was gone, that I just needed to touch my heart because she would be there. Mom also mentioned that when she passed, I could put a piece of glass on her back and I could use her as a coffee table.


With laughter and love and a bit of insanity, she knew how to get her fun done.


And now you can too. Even in your underwear. Namaste.

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