Under Pressure?

Under Pressure?


Welcome to your life. How’s it going? While many of us should just be grateful that we woke up to see another day, a large majority of us roll our eyes and take a shallow breath as we drag our assets throughout another day under pressure. Our goal for the day is to just “make it through.” Through another cup of coffee. Through traffic. Through lunch. Through a meeting. Through a box of donuts. Through the door. Through the paycheck. Through the week, the month, the year.


It’s easy to pinpoint what we’d like to be better in our lives because we repeatedly think the same negative thoughts over and over again. With each day the pressure rises as everything stays the same and only thing that changes is the day of the week.


Our capability for happiness feels under pressure.


While we may not be strutting in our kitchens singing out loud the lyrics of the David Bowie/Queen hit, we subconsciously make a mental list of where our lives are under pressure and are rising to a boiling point.


Now, take a breath.



Where do you feel pressure in life and want to change?


Is it time to look for another job or career?


Is it time to either get counseling with your significant other or part ways?


Do you need to start saving money for a retirement fund or emergency fund or do you just need to stop going into overdrafts?


Do you need to spend time figuring out your purpose in life?


Do you need to step up on the scale?


Do you need to have those important conversations with loved ones about health issues?


Do you need to have those important conversations with yourself about health issues?


Is your day full of activities and “doing”, but you still feel empty?


Are you tired of being alone?


Take another breath.


Your list could go on and on. Everyone’s could. But in order to experience something different AKA HAPPINESS, we need to do something different.


We need to take action. Like now. In this moment.


The irony is that when create the desire for things to change and finally decide to take action, those negatron voices pop up in our head of why we shouldn’t and it makes us nuts. We “should” all over ourselves. This creates inaction and fear.


While inaction is indeed an action of sorts, it sucks. It sucks the life out of you. Slowly. Who wants a serving of happiness suckage? No one.


But, by overcoming the resistance of inaction and taking action you can encounter 3 Big Happiness Attractions




By first taking action, you will experience motivation. For example, maybe you don’t want to work out. If you do nothing, you get nothing. But if you at the very least put your running shoes on, you would definitely be more motivated to move more. Even if it was only running around in your own house.




Maybe you want to look into getting a new job or career but you can’t even think about looking because you’re too exhausted at the end of the day with the job you have now. By taking the smallest action, like Googling jobs or talking to a friend about possible job leads, you could get more information than you had before. And like Happiness Attraction #1, this could lead to more motivation and information to forge a new pathway for you.


Maybe you need to take care of a family member and are about to become the primary caretaker. If you took action to make the initial call to meet with them about their health care situation, this would easily propel you to start gathering information to help make the conversation flow easier and with more confidence.


Happiness Attraction #3 CREATE CONSTANT COURAGE


Doing something different requires energy and action. And by taking action that is different from your normal everyday patterns, you help rewire your brain that you can do something different. This creates courage that can help you continue toward your desires. It’s one thing to think about doing something, but only action creates the courage to take on going back to school, start a business, or starting a family. So start small. Want to start a business? Find someone who is doing what you want to do. Take them out for coffee and ask them how did they do it.


Want to start a family? Babysit someone’s kids. All day long. Ask friends and family what the biggest expenses were and what surprised them about fertility issues or becoming parents. All this information can assist with creating courage to go for the things you want in this lifetime.


Many times through life, this intense pressure of dissatisfaction we feel is our own mental creation. Good or bad, it’s just a thought. By taking action even in small amounts, we can pop the bubble of negativity and doubt and release the pressure to love ourselves enough to have the courage to create our own happiness. Namaste.

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