Woof. Stop attracting what you don't want.

Woof. Stop attracting what you don’t want.


My life changed when I heard the first fart.


Then the belch.


Then another sputtering fart.


Santa had come to our house. Santa didn’t have gastric issues, but he did leave a few presents that I thought were undesirable. I almost hid them in the closet. Almost.


I didn’t know but in that one shiny Christmas moment, I was attracting dissatisfaction. I tangled my tinsel tightly. I expected and projected dread when my sons opened their gifts. They were going to hate it and I was going to hate hearing them hate it. And then I was going to hate hearing the electronic farts and belches coming from rubber dogs with fake vomit coming out of their mouths.


But I was wrong. Dog gone it wrong.


My stinking kids loved these gross furry beings. They couldn’t get enough. Their squeals and hysterical laughing covered up all the gassy sound effects. It was loud. It was spontaneous. And in the end, it was awesome.


But I almost killed a moment of happiness with my attraction to dissatisfaction.


It’s ridiculous how much we all do it.

It’s scary to know how much it can sabotage our happiness. Everyday.


In just one moment our attraction to dissatisfaction can be ignited…


When we get on the scale and expect high numbers

When we look at our bank account and expect low numbers

When we look at the check out line and expect it will take forever.

When we go into a short meeting and that it expect it to last a lifetime.

When we go to the doctor and expect to hear something awful.

When we meet somebody new and expect something to be wrong with them whether it’s our new boss or significant other.

When we look in the mirror.

When we think about how we feel about ourselves.


When we expect dissatisfaction, we get it. And even when we are disappointed (yet again), we get some freakish comfort that “we were right”. We have our certainty and that means something to us when we life in a life full of uncertainties. Like farts.


But if we want to experience happiness on a moment-to-moment basis, we must do something different. We must make a shift. Woof. Let’s do this.


3 Ways to Stop Attracting Dissatisfaction


  1. Know that Old Dog’s Trick

You’ve been around for a while. Take a moment to reflect about how you think, expect or believe things happen or don’t happen in your life. Do you look at life with a half full glass, a cracked glass, or even a shot glass? Now, think about why you think like this? How does it serve you? Are you afraid of the unknown? Are you afraid of disappointment? Are you just plain afraid? There isn’t a right or wrong answer, only understanding on how you use this habit to keep you surviving through life.


Next, once you understand what’s been going on to create the attraction of dissatisfaction, you are ready for something better than surviving. Ready for thriving, and if so, then it’s time to…


  1. Raise the Bone or the Bar

When it comes to raising the bar, we normally live up to our expectations whether they are high or low. We even live up to other’s expectations of us unconsciously. This is why it’s extremely important to be in charge of your bar because no one is going raise it like you can. What do you want in life? What do you think you can have? What will it take to get there? Will you do whatever it takes? Only you know what you can do, so raise that bar and go fetch it.


  1. Kindly Sniff it Out

To stop attracting dissatisfaction, you need to use more than positive thinking. Cultivating the thinking of possibility partnered with the action of pursuit will always put you closer to the people and things that you desire.


Just like a dog on a mission to a fire hydrant, it’s important to know that good things can come your way and you deserve them and can have them.


This is where the mindfulness comes in. When you have created a positive desired outcome – the stuff that you want – it’s equally important to be aware if you are getting closer or father from it in your moment to moment actions or thoughts.

If you are moving away from the things that create happiness in you, then stop and think what can you do in this moment to get closer to your outcome. Maybe you need assistance, maybe you need more information, or maybe you need to change your attitude or perspective. At any rate, the process of sniffing it out and being flexible enough to change directions to move in the direction of happiness will be worth it.


How much is it worth?


There are numerous studies that show that how we feel changes the chemical makeup of our bodies. More stress hormones cause our hearts to work harder, age faster, and create a negative outlook, which can affect our memories and our life spans as well.


How much is your life worth?


Throughout the day if you feel less than what you desire, then put down the bone of dissatisfaction, and start focusing and chasing something that really matters to you in this lifetime. Health. Abundance. Connection. Love. And then, go get it like you mean it. Woof and namaste.


What do you want to attract today?

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