Stop spinning. Happiness awaits.

Stop spinning. Happiness awaits.


It’s easy to do, just like drinking coffee.

From the moment I wake up, I can become aware of all the things I see lack in.


The dirty laundry.

The clean laundry that hasn’t been folded.

Vitamins that beckon to be taken.

Bills and paper that need to be filled, shredded, or recycled

Fridge could use a good scrubbing… and the bathroom.

And while I’m at it, my car needs to be cleaned.

I need to call my doctor for a physical.

I need to finish that new book before starting on another.


Before I know it I have not been fully conscious or awake for five minutes yet I have killed the coziness of happiness.


I could carry on like this all day, all week, all month, all year and all of my life.


But what helps me is to stop spinning in the crazy.


Spinning in the crazy is all the things we do that we think are helping us by obsessing or worrying about them but the only thing they do is take from our time and getting cozy with the moment.


Here are 4 ways to stop spinning in the crazy.


  1. Acknowledge the past and but don’t live there.

If you’re like most people everyday you encounter some sort of failure. Maybe you forget to pay a bill. Run out of gas. Say something you regret. Or maybe it’s an ongoing issue, like staying too long in a relationship that isn’t working or in a job that no longer is a good fit for you and your life. Once the realization creates awareness that this isn’t working for you or your happiness, create a shift to do something different.


By doing something different, I don’t mean posting on Facebook about what’s wrong with your life or making a scrapbook about it. It’s doing something to move in the direction that you want or desire to move in. One step. Then another. Maybe you put a reminder on your phone to remind you about your bills. Maybe you never let your tank go down past half a tank. Maybe you decide to have “the talk” with your significant other or boss. Taking action and creating momentum will keep us in the moment and out of the past of crazy.


  1. Nobody is looking at you.

 The second way to stop spinning in the crazy is to understand completely that no one is looking at you. Really. Yes, people love you. But no one’s looking at you and all your mistakes because they are spinning in their own abundancy of lack or what’s not going right in their lives. If you been around the last few decades, you will undeniably see how we as a species have ramped up the need for information and because of this, we have extremely shorter attention spans. So if you think that people are judging you and all your decisions and your life choices, think again. Now they are off to the next shiny thing that has pulled their attention. Now, don’t you feel better? I know I do.


  1. Get the help you need

Here’s the funny thing. While we think everyone is always looking at us all the time, we also hold the belief that no one will help us. This is also not a thought that serves us. In any area of our life, there is someone who has either gone through it or there is professional support such as counseling, therapy or other organizations to help you in the areas of growth.


So whether you need help with handing your finances, your education, your career track, or your relationships, it’s out there. All you have to do is create the shift and do something different and reach out for assistance.


  1. Build on the small happiness moments

We tend to think that happiness will come to us after we have accomplished a certain thing or met the right person. But happiness is a moment to moment thing and there is a lot of uncertainty in it. This is why we lean into the negative thoughts, because we know that without out a doubt that those bad things “will come up” and this type of certainty brings us a little peace because we are right.

In order to shift into something different and cozy up to happiness, we need to get used to being in the moment without projecting that something bad is going to happen right around the corner. By staying in the moment that we are in and not the future or past, we can feel what is right in that moment.

So, if you didn’t pay the electric bill yesterday, don’t fret. Tell yourself you will take care of it today, and then let it go. If you are in a job that isn’t your ideal job, be grateful that you have a job and do you best today knowing that you won’t be there forever. Then take one action today to move closer to your next job whether it’s a call or email.


As humans we all strive for happiness, we say we want it, but we have the habit of looking at what is not right in our lives. We create conditions that create barriers to our happiness. By creating awareness of the moment we are in and shifting in the direction that we want to go by taking small steps, we can finally cozy up to happiness in a long-term relationship. Now, find those Snuggies. Namaste.

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