When it doubt, ROCK IT OUT.

When it doubt, ROCK IT OUT.


Want abundance, love, or happiness?


One question.


In life, do you rock your fears or put your desires to an anthem?


If you rock your anthem then what rock song sings and screams your desires?


Do you want financial security? Like a Rock (Bob Seger?)


Do you want companionship? I want to Rock with You (Michael Jackson)


Do you want kids? Rock the Cradle Of Love (Billy Idol)


Do you want respect in your career? … For Those About to Rock We will Salute You. (ACDC)


Do you want to create a movement for good? We will Rock You (Queen)


Do you need more time in your life? … Rock Around the Clock (Bill Haley and the Comets)


Do you want to rule your life? … King of Rock (RUN DMC)


If you want a life worth living then it is vital to rock your fears out and rock your anthem in until you have reached you desires or your goals.


Many times in life, when we decide to go for something we want in life, almost instantly we get resistance. Depending how we handle that resistance, we can be rocking with fear for years until we get to the point you don’t even remember what we wanted in the first place.


But if we want to rock a new tune we must take the steps in a new direction



Rock Talk

First things first. In order to know what we want in our lives, we must to get a clear picture in our mind. VERY CLEAR. What do we want? Why do we want it? How long will it take us to get there? What are our challenges? How much of our life is worth spending over this? And finally, how will we feel when we get the thing we desire? What’s your anthem for life? And if it’s a crappy song, by all means change your anthem! If you haven’t given you dreams and desires that much thought, then make a date with yourself and jot down your ideas.


If you’re not sure where to start, write down what you don’t want. After you notice your list, begin to write down the opposite of that list.


For example:

I don’t want an abusive relationship.

I want to be in a relationship with someone I’m attracted to and someone with whom I can be myself and have fun.


I don’t want a dead end job where I waste my life trying to pay the damn bills.

I want a job in which (fill in the blank) I’m appreciated and working with a team. I want to enjoy my work and make a difference.


By getting clear of the details of the dreams of your life, you create the reality of what’s possible and this helps diminish initial fears.


Rock Walk

The next step is to take any step to help you move closer to your dreams. It could be anything from online research to locating people who can help mentor you or counsel you. Enlist a friend or family member that you can trust to share your dreams and create accountability. Step away from people who don’t support you or bring negativity to your life.

Every minute, hour, step and action move you either closer or further way from your potential. Move closer. Create awareness to notice if you are moving in the right direction. And if you’re not, notice what is working or not working.



Rock Stalk

The last step is to stalk your dreams and desires like there is no tomorrow because someday they could be the reality. Just don’t go doing something that could cause harm to others or do something insane that could inspire a Lifetime movie. This should go without out saying.

Each day do something that guides you closer to your dream. This could be just visualizing, meditating or creating a plan how to manifest your desires. And by adding consistent and constant action, you create momentum and new possibilities. By strengthening this mindset muscle everyday, fear has no time to create a new playlist.


Each day we witness people change their tune and create their anthem for something that brings abundance, love, or happiness into their lives. There are plenty of role models out there and ways to do it. Get started. Right now would be perfect.


You already have it in you. Rock your fears. Rock the anthem of your desires and dreams into reality. The world needs your song to inspire others. Spandex or leather pants are always optional. Namaste.

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