How to Do the Doo.

How to Do the Doo.


Each day, we get an opportunity to experience a brand new day of uncertainties. Isn’t that amazing?


(Cue crickets.)


Some days are filled with pure happiness like an unexpected friend from out of town. Or maybe you paid a bill on time that you though you were late on. Maybe a deadline has postponed. Someone you were interested in texted you back. Or you have leftovers in the fridge you forgot about that are still good for dinner. Maybe you found some money. The scale was wrong. They smiled at you. We would judge these as “good” uncertainties generally speaking.


But then, there can be the other unexpected uncertainties that provide minor irritations, frustrations, and “why me or why now?” batty conversations we have with ourselves about missed deadlines or calls. Also included are traffic delays, expired milk, “they didn’t call back”, or you’ve been ghosted experiences.


Lastly, there are the FULL ON uncertainties. IT is the IT. The truckload coming at you at death wish speed and reeking like everyone’s business. And even if you had awareness of IT coming toward your way, you can’t stop IT. IT is a sickness, financial crisis, the prognosis, betrayal, death, unemployment or loss of love. IT is THE STUFF. IT is mind-blowing, soul-crushing, and makes you want to devour a bag of anything. Swim in a large glass of something. Scream at the top of your lungs.


And then do it again.


So how do you handle life’s uncertainties? When IT hits?


You begin with a choice. You must decide. You must use this moment to create awareness to bring you closer or further away from your happiness.


You can be the fan or the fertilizer when the shizzle hits.




In your big life situation, you can be the fan. You know the one that gets hit? You can be the big ole rusty fan that becomes clogged with the stuff that slows your blades down. It takes all your momentum, all your energy and you’re just barely moving. And what you are giving off is the air of pure rotting despair. IT doesn’t matter how you look at IT. IT stinks and you’re propelling this foulness all around you.



But there is another way. The way of the fertilizer is responding and not reacting. It puts you in touch with your inner farmer and fertilizer. The scoop is BE the poop. Be the fertilizer. Here’s how you do it.


Submit to IT

When you encounter the big life event you can navigate it more efficiently by simply accepting IT. Now, you don’t have to fight it or wallow in it. Simply submit to it. By not spinning about what past actions caused it or what other bad things can happen in the future, you stay in the present moment. This is where you power comes from. In this moment you are ready to take whatever comes your way.


Grin and Bear IT

Realize it’s temporary – the stink doesn’t last forever. Grin and bear it. Like all events, as time passes, the intensity will lessen. With that said it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a rose garden, but there is potential to grow that garden. You must grow your patience. Everyone can bounce back but it happens in different times. Don’t despair, walk through it one present moment at a time.


During these times, extreme care is necessary. Exercise, support groups, friends, family, healthy eating, prayer, meditation, being in nature and service to others will all help you heal and deal.


Find the Benefit of IT

Harness the potential of growth. This is the benefit of IT. Anything you experience as an intense hardship or challenge will give you growth. Look back at the various times in your life, when you didn’t think you could do it, you got through it and here you are. You got through the bad relationship, the bankruptcy, the illness, the anger, the depression, sadness, the dark night of the soul, or simply not eating the entire bag of Ruffles. Now you are stronger and wiser with more tools to farm the next bale of life’s uncertainties.


Practice your TRUE GRIT

When you get to the other side know that this too is only temporary. True grit is bravery in action. It’s trusting your intuition more. It’s kicking of the shit off your boots knowing you made it this far and you’re ready for the next step all while helping someone else out who has been hit with IT.


Today your happiness depends on this moment of awareness. When the moment of uncertainty rises in your day, decide in advance. Are you going to be the fan or the fertilizer? Commit to IT. Grow your greatness. Grow your courage. Grow your happiness. Grow your abundance. And then share it because we all need it and we need you. Right now. You are the shizzle. Namaste.

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