Do You Feel Lucky?

Do You Feel Lucky?


Are you lucky? Do you feel lucky?


If your not sure, then do a quick luck life scan?


Do you feel lucky with your family?

Do you feel lucky with your health?

Do you feel lucky in your job?

Do you feel lucky in love?

Do you feel lucky when it comes to money?

Do you feel lucky when it comes to looks?

Do you feel lucky when it comes to opportunities?


Chances are that there are some places where you feel lucky and others that you don’t. We all have a tendency to entertain those unlucky thoughts. Many of my clients feel lucky with their jobs, their families, and their friends. But when it comes to making more money, finding a new relationship or losing weight they feel downright unlucky.


Why is this?


Let’s breakdown the anatomy of luck. Luck is merely a thought we experience and create meaning behind. That’s it. Luck is a thought that promotes either the emotional state of happiness or sometimes relief in your body. If you find a twenty-dollar bill, you might feel lucky. While driving if you slam on the breaks and miss hitting a dog or a person, you might feel lucky in the sense that it provides relief.


So why do we feel lucky in some cases and not others? It’s patterns. We simply relive patterns, behaviors and thoughts every single day without fail. And they are so ingrained in our brains, beings and soul that we are certain that this is the only outcome we will ever get.


So how do we change this? We make itty bitty shifts in our thinking.


Luck: An Attitude of Gratitude Shift

If we can change the wording from luck to gratitude, it’s an easier shift. For example, if you are looking for a new job and the perfect one comes you way, you may think you are lucky. Shift the luck to gratitude. Tell yourself, “I’m so grateful that the perfect job came at the right time and I’m ready to take it.” By creating this shift, you are telling your subconscious mind that the timing of this present moment was appreciated AND you were prepared to take action. This opens you up for more things to come your way and you will be prepared as opposed to relying on a stroke of luck. Gratitude will always put you in a lighter and higher state. People will be attracted to this energy as well as potential opportunities.


Luck: The Preparation Workstation Shift

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Jefferson knew that in order to believe or create more luck, you’ve got to work it.


If you want the relationship of a lifetime, you need to work it. This means to spend some time knowing what kind of partner you want and consider where would they hang out. Where could you find them? Do you have friends or family that can help you out? Would you be willing to ask? What feels congruent or right for you? All these help strengthen your intuition, focus and direction to increase your luck in this present moment.


If you want more money or a fulfilling job, what does that look like? What does it pay? Who could give you the opportunity? How do you need to prepare for it so when the right moment (luck) appears, you are ready to take action. By shifting the idea that working towards your desires can get you closer to them, you begin to manifest your own beautiful state of luck.


Luck: The Ocean of Emotion

Luck is a thought that creates an emotion within you. You react or respond to this emotion and either repel or attract more “good luck” or “bad luck”.


I have the great blessing of working with people to help them get clarity for their goals. I work with people whose goals range from everything from writing a book, to creating a business, to finding a partner, to getting married, to having a baby, to making sure they are on their right path. The interesting thing is that as we work together to get closer to their goals, first they get excited because they believe it’s luck when they start seeing the progress. After that, they panic. Fear and self-sabotage set in because they believe the luck won’t last.


This happens because many times, our emotional thermostat is set low. We don’t want to get too excited because we might get hurt, feel embarrassed, or feel a sense of loss. When we get something we didn’t think was possible, we think we had a small stroke of luck. Then we sabotage our efforts because we want certainty and we know what unlucky feels like. We know what disappointment or sadness feels like. In fact, we are pros at creating these thoughts, feelings and outcomes. This is sucky luck.


If we want to create more “luck” or opportunities for ourselves, we must stay conscious to how we are feeling in our moment to moment state. If we are working hard at something we desire such as creating a business, we must recognize that in the beginning, it will feel exciting. As reality sets in as to the amount of effort needed, we may become tired and want to resist the process of making our dreams come true. No worries. Just recognize that this is a normal tendency. It’s not bad luck and the Universe hates your guts and your dreams. In order to stay aware, mindfulness is a great way to stay focused on where you are. For example, I just finished writing a book. In the middle of it, I felt conflicted that I wasn’t spending enough time with my sons and maybe I should just put off writing the book until later. I took a couple breaths and checked in. I asked myself a few questions.


Was the writing of the book intended to help people? Yes.

Could this help my son’s in life? Yes.

Was I tired? Yes.

Did I feel uncomfortable about exactly what I was going to do once the book was done? Yes.

Did I feel grateful to have the time and space in which to write this book? Yes.

Did I want to write this book? Yes.

Did I feel lucky? YES.


I felt gratitude for doing something that intuitively felt right for me. I also knew that when I’m tired, that things appear less clear and difficult. This brought me peace of mind and to me that is very lucky.


If you are down on your luck, have bad luck, or no luck at all, just remember these things. To increase the concept of luck, be crazy grateful of where you are in this moment. Get clear about the things or goals you want in life and know how you want to feel when you get it. Think of all the ways you can take action towards the goals you want everyday. And finally, check on your emotional thermostat. Are you in a fearful or fierce state? If you are in a negative or low state, think about people or things you are grateful for. Stay there for a moment, and when you are ready continue to go for the things that are aligned to your heart and soul for you to experience. And then thank your lucky stars. Peace.

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