Do it for you. Do it for love.

Do it for you. Do it for love.




Not the King of Rock and Roll. Not the King of Pop.


Just Prince.


The “I would die for you” Prince.


The “Dig if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss” Prince.


He was brilliant, passionate, loving, and simply royal.


Now think of yourself. Do any of these attributes feel like you?

For most people they may get a little crazy and say “passionate and loving”. But they’d stop there. If you probed further, they would say they are passionate and loving about their families, their pets, and maybe even their causes or career.


But do you love yourself? I mean really love yourself?


You may answer, “yeah, I love myself… but


The proverbial “but” may come out and a list of inadequacies would fly out like doves in a Prince music video. But the real question is do you really know how to love yourself? No one teaches this. We have learned from our various life experiences that too much love creates narcissism and ‘those people.” We hate those people, much less want to be those people. Judgment appears and separates us from loving others and ourselves.


So how do we love our selves without feeling gross and uncomfortable about it? Try this.

3 things to help you Go Crazy and Love Yourself Once and For All.



The first step is to appreciate yourself, period. The definition of appreciate is “to recognize your full worth. It is also to be grateful for something”. If you can’t find something or anything to appreciate, start with the fact that you’re alive. Start with the fact that you have a heart and a consciousness to recognize suffering in yourself and others and you give a damn. Starts with the fact you are an able body person that can do something to eliminate suffering in your life and in others. You are here for a purpose. And that is to love. Love yourself and then others. That’s it.



The second step is to validate yourself. This simply means “to demonstrate or support the truth” in yourself. There are a several ways to do this. Here is one way to start.

Validate yourself with better inner dialogue. If you notice you habitually say negative things to yourself, reframe it. For example, if you always say, “I’m fat and I will never lose this weight”, validate yourself with statements such as “Today I can take steps toward creating my health by drinking more water.” “Or today, I will move to help my body.”

If you think you will never get a relationship, validate yourself with, “Today I will smile to at least 3 people today” or “I will reach out to someone out of kindness”.



To dominate in its original form means “to have a commanding influence on or exercise control over”. When it comes to dominating yourself do it in the name of love.

For starters, forgive yourself of the mistakes you have made and will make in life. Mistakes are part of the struggle. There is always struggle in life and this creates meaning. You don’t want a problem free life – you want one what has meaning. Meaning=happiness.

Next, let people in. Include people in your life who make you laugh, that you want to spend your life with. Let people love you. And love them back daily.

Lastly, do the things you love both big and small. If playing Candy Crush brings you happiness, do it. It you want to scale that mountain, go for it. If you want to save every animal on the planet, run to your passion and your purpose and your love.


As we see everyday on the news and social media, we are only here for a temporary amount of time. Don’t waste it. In Prince’s words, “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered her today to get through this thing called life”. So, in this life, let’s go crazy. Let’s learn how to love ourselves first and then spread it to the rest of the world. The world needs your loving self. Namaste.

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