Your intention: Start with Heart.

Your intention: Start with Heart.


A week ago, I had a dear friend leave the Earth. Brain cancer. This is the 2nd mother I’ve known to pass from brain cancer in the last 45 days. These moms left family and kids behind. Hearts are devastated. In a word, it sucks.


Most days, like most folks, I don’t think of my demise. It’s too much. If you Google the 10 top ways we die, there are many studies  that list all the ways  we are going to kick it and none of them say, “soundly and beautifully in our sleep.”


How to we adult our mortality? Our heads and minds don’t want to wrap around that concept. And when our loved ones pass away, our hearts shut down and scream silently, “We. Just. Can’t. Deal”.


So, how to we find happiness amidst our own little lifespan?


We do it by small steps. Really small ones. Mindful ones.


We do it by aligning our minds with our hearts. We create awareness. We use intention followed by action because the real secret to life is this:


We can increase our happiness and increase the magnitude of our gratitude by LOVING THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE.


And we can do it simply in these 3 ways. So let’s go get them.



  1. Soak In Their Being

As you go through your day today, really “see” people. Be completely present, hear their choice words when they talk with you. Listen to them without peering at your phone. Ask them questions about their life and hear them without hearing your own brain chatter with what it will say next. Don’t be in a rush. When you connect with them…slow down and let the connection soak in. They will instantly feel your attention, presence, and they will experience the biggest jolt of love and happiness. Not to mention, this costs nothing and you will receive this back in the currency of happiness.


  1. Show Up. Every time.

Make time for your friends, family, people that you care about. Yes, we are busy. Yes, we are tired. So what. Remember those 10 ways we could perish? Yeah and so, get to it.


Call them. Schedule time to see them. If it doesn’t work out, call them again until it happens. Call them on birthdays, anniversaries. Check on them if they are sick. Check on them for no reason. Practice your tenacity. Drive to their house. Celebrate with them. Cry with them. By creating this constant push of love heading towards them, this grows the bond between you both. More times than not, it also becomes reciprocated and expands your gratitude and aptitude for happiness.


  1. Just Freaking Tell Them.

In a world full of texts, emails, Snap Chats and tweets, you still need to spell it out for people and tell them to their face and not their face time that they matter. Tell them that you love them. Tell them why they are special and there isn’t anyone else like them. And then tell them again and again.




Because they matter.


And they matter to you.


Be intentional with your mind today and align that heart into action for happiness. And when our time comes a very, very, very, long time from now, nothing will be left unsaid. Our lives mattered because our love mattered. And that love is pure immortality.


You matter to me.


I am grateful that you are alive today. And I love you. Really. Namaste.

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