What do you want?

What do you want?


Every day we dream sweet things of what we want or want to experience like love, money, adventure, or excitement.


As time passes, we may discover that we aren’t getting closer to these dreams. We don’t produce the necessary results we want. Or if we do create some results, it never comes fast enough. And we are never satisfied with the progress. Sadly in some cases, we are not even satisfied with the actual dream we’ve created.


In the classic 1970’s movie Willie Wonka, parents and their children will do anything to score a Golden Ticket. They believe it will pave the way to sugary happiness. But one by one despite each person’s efforts, they go down a path of destruction of only getting a small taste of what life could have been for them. And it sucks longer than a Gobstopper.


Do you know how to really get what you want in life, without turning into a giant blueberry or drowning in a chocolate river? If you don’t, don’t worry. Just chew on these 4 steps.


  1. Deliciously Do You

By doing you, this means you will take 100% responsibility for your life in this moment. You will not blame your family history, your gender, your ethnicity, your socioeconomics, resources, or your luck for the things that happen to you.


Wherever you are in this moment, you will put on your big Oompah Loompah pants and decide to deal with whatever comes your way. If it’s something challenging or stressful, you will use the POWER OF YOUR RESOURCEFULNESS to overcome it. By doing you and accepting 100%, you place the power of your life in your hands. Not only do you tell yourself the truth faster about the situation, you also will take the steps to get closer to your dreams


  1. Decide EXACTLY What You Want

If you were alone in a candy shop, you could go crazy and eat everything in sight. But then you’d go into a diabetic coma or vomit a candy rainbow. It’s no different with your dream and using your choices wisely in the candy store of life. Be specific. Specific goals will help you create certainty of what you want and also give you clues as how to attain them and more importantly how you will feel when you get what you want.


For example, if you say you want “more love” in life. That’s great. But do you want that love to come from a dog? Or a man with a dog? Or a forty-something man who will love all your three dogs? With more clarity, it’s easier to visualize what can be possible in your life.


  1. BOOST Your Beliefs

This is a big one. You may now know you would like a sporty Irish mate who loves dogs who lives a few miles away from you. While this is a great idea, do you believe you can actually find him? Where will you find him? Who will help you find him? If you don’t believe any of these ideas are even possible, then your subconscious mind isn’t going to help find him. Your conscious mind will not help find him either. Soon you will lose your certainty that you will ever find him. You will start to create beliefs how you can’t find him because of some situation or circumstance.


In order to help your brain make peace with your new potential beliefs, recall a time in your life where you thought you couldn’t do something or have something and you did it anyway. Remember how is this made you feel. Make time to really feel those sensations and feelings. Strong and focused feelings will help you move forward toward what you want even when you are not sure how to go about it.


  1. STEP and CHECK. Forever.

In the process of getting what you want, you need to stop and make time to check in with yourself. Let your intuition be your guide. Be mindful and truthful about your current situation. Are you making progress? Are you getting closer to your dream, or farther away? If it appears like you are getting farther away from what you want, check in with your intuition and ask, “what is one small step I can take today to get closer to my dream or goal. If you practice resilience and patience, you will be able to take these steps. And the most important part of this journey is to know what it will look like when you got your goal.


Many times, people get the man, the woman, the job, the house, the money, the recognition and they are still not happy. Because what they want ultimately is a feeling. And those feelings – love, safety, abundance, and self-worth – can be created on a daily basis.


Life is meant to be explored and devoured. Take the time to really know what you want out of it and then set forth and put in the energy and effort every day to experience it and have it. In the end, when you do get what you want, don’t allow fear to sour your sweetness because you are experiencing happiness. It’s okay to want your dreams, want happiness, and actually get it. Just hone in on why you want it. Know how you want it to make you feel. Take steps towards it and check often with your intuition and your results and keep going.


Willy Wonka: Oh, and Charlie? Don’t forget about the guy who got everything he wanted!

Charlie Bucket: Oh, What happened to him?

Willy Wonka: He lived happily ever after.


Peace be with you, Gene Wilder. Namaste.

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