Grab your lampshade. Now.

Grab your lampshade. Now.

It’s very revealing when you wake up. Are you refreshed? Are you content? Are you excited? Or are you exhausted? Are you anxious? Are you angry? Are you rushed?


Our brains are hardwired to view things as negative or bad as a form of protection. But existing in this state 24/7 can cause more harm than good and leave you as a pile of ashes. Who wants that? Cue crickets chirping.


On the other hand, laughing has been studied and shown to be an immune system and blood pressure reducer. This is huge. Look for humor. Everywhere. Now. How do you do it?


Start with yourself

When you notice yourself getting worked up about the bumper to bumper traffic, the person who annoys you at work, your unfinished chores, or other bumps in the road of life, visualize what your face is doing at that time. If imagining yourself with a face of a squeezed lemon with your hands on your hips or shaking your fist at the sky doesn’t make you crack a smile, then try again. This takes you out of the heat of the moment and helps you realized that this tense time is just that… a moment.


Engage with other people who have a sense of humor

Like the saying goes, if you lay down with dogs you are going to get fleas. Who you surround yourself with is who you become, or at least who influences you most. So find some clowns. Seriously. Spending time with people who have a sense of humor not only helps you bond through the good and the bad but it also improves your sense of connection and life span. And that’s no laughing matter.


Look for Humor

We are all different. And so is our humor. When you go out into the world today, find humor wherever you go. And let’s be clear. Look for humor that doesn’t demean or injure others. You don’t want that low vibration of humor floating around your life. So watch a few episodes of your favorite comedy. Listen to your children try to make sense of the world when they are playing. Watch your dog go after a chew toy.



Life goes by fast. And before we know it a decade or more has gone by. The way to get the most juice out of life is to enjoy as much as we can. Playing helps open us up to each other and the world around us. Playing helps create a safe place for us. So sing, dance, go outside, give yourself a manicure, read a comic, draw, or anything that seems a little frivolous. Then grab your lampshade and your cowbell. Never forget your cowbell. Namaste.



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