dsc02253_2Don’t fear the tears. Just ask.

We are very interesting beings. When we were very young, we had the capacity to ask for anything we wanted. Our mother. A bottle. Wipe my boogers. Wipe my butt. More candy. I want a unicorn. When we didn’t get our needs met then we would pout, stomp, and cry and then continue on with our existence until our next desire started to burn within us.


We haven’t changed much. Hopefully, we have all mastered the art of wiping our assets.


What does change when we grow up is that we stop asking for what we need because we fear rejection. This rejection in our minds can lead us to many ideas that don’t serve us such as, “I shouldn’t have asked.” “I should be smarter than that.” “Now, I look stupid. I’m embarrassed. Why did I do that?”


It’s important to ask what you need or desire because this goes back to acknowledging your self, your spirit and your needs. By not asking for what you need, you are denying yourself and you are left with a lesser sense of yourself that can cause you great and unnecessary pain. So what to do?



If you are not accustomed to asking for things you need, then try very small. You may need a pen. Ask for one. You may need to borrow someone’s phone. Ask for it with the certainty that this other human will not only help you but will be thankful for that opportunity when you show your gratitude to their kindness.



Anything you put your attention to will grow. It’s simply that simple. If you exercise everyday, your body will change. If you save your money, your funds will grow. If you express yourself as love to the world, you will find your mate. This is true of asking. When you ask for assistance in the world, you will be able to receive it but even more importantly you will believe that it’s possible.



After you have found the courage to ask for little things, then ramp it up. Ask for the attention. Ask for a ride to the party. Ask for the date. Ask for the business. Many times we are not fearful of someone telling us no. Rather it is the pain, loss or feeling of rejection that we attach to it. You will be amazed at what can manifest if you just ask. Use a personal mantra when you want to ask for something, such as No Risk. No Rewards.


There are many experiences you can have in this lifetime. Your job is to ask yourself what is calling your spirit and to take action. Even if the action is asking for a unicorn.


Now ask, receive, and then share. Namaste.

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