Are you reacting or responding in the pursuit of happiness?

Are you reacting or responding in the pursuit of happiness?


How are you today? Are you awake? Are you at peace? Are you excited? Do you have something to look forward to during the day? Or are you already sick, baked, cooked, burnt, deep-fried?


How you wake up in the morning each day is a very good indicator of not just how you feel but also your modus operandi of how you interact with your life. When you’re sick, you go to your doctor and he gives you medicine to help you. If the medicine doesn’t work and you feel worse taking it, he may notify you that you are having a negative “reaction” to your medicine.


If the medicine does work, he may tell you that you are “responding well” to the medicine. You get better and set off in pursuit of happiness and well-being.


Say you are on your way to work and someone who is unconscious and in a hurry cuts you off. You slam on your brakes and scream, “Unconscious person, you almost ended my life or worse, wrecked my car and new iPhone 7”. Except you didn’t say, “unconscious person” you said, “@#@$%#$@#@#@@ and @#!!%#$!@!!@ and furthermore @@$%@$@!”


Now you may have reacted fearfully and angrily. It’s normal response. But you finally get to work. Here is exactly where you can see whether you are in pursuit of happiness or not. You may get to work and be thankful that you’re alive. The bad coffee at work may taste like Starbucks. You may enjoy seeing your co-workers faces one more time.


But if you are still upset and angry after the incident has happened and you are still carrying around “@#@$%#$@#@#@@ and @#!!%#$!@!!@ and furthermore @@$%@$@!” and “why does this have to happen to me today?” you are still reacting away from the pursuit of happiness.


This reactive energy will emit from you onto others since we are all energy beings. In other words you are in a bad foul mood and cause other to react and become unconscious and react to others and so on. It’s a virus. No one likes a virus. Only a dead one.


If you begin to practice responding to the challenges in life, this will help you stay in the present moment and not keep dragging the past into a dreadful future. Responding is a healthy choice on your physical being. You produce less toxic chemicals than if you are reacting. This is a good thing.


There are many challenges that we face each and every moment. LIKE RIGHT NOW. You know personally and exactly where you are. But if you can take a breath during challenges, ask yourself, “Instead of reacting to this moment, how can I respond and move with it successfully?” If that’s too long and complicated for you, ask yourself, “How can I respond in patience, or tolerance, or freaking radical kindness, or compassion or love?”


Simply asking yourself these questions, you help snap yourself into the present moment. By not living in the painful past or fearful future, you will be more at peace. You will live in your truth, courage and ultimately happiness. Namaste.

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