It's time say, "Yes" to wealth.

It’s time say, “Yes” to worth.


We live in a quick paced world of one-liners, sound bites, hearsay, snarky comments and LOL acronyms. How do these things affect our relationship with each other, the universe and our abundance? And how about ourselves?


As I begin to work on today’s blog, I clicked on my site and up popped a weight loss ad instead. I refreshed my page to see if I imagined things. I am reducing my caloric intake for my health, so hallucinations are possible. Reality mocked me. There was that freaky, hacky ad again.


Wishing I could maintain my Oprah-Chopra vibration in a heated techie-moment, I was intentional and SIMPLY. CHOSE. NOT. TO.


I decided to react to the Universe with a word.




But I didn’t say poop.


It took a moment to shake the fertilizer off my mindfulness boots. I wasn’t in any grave danger. I had people to call and help me in a nano-second. And just like that they did, and everything was back to normal and even better. My site was backed up and improved. “Why did the stench have to linger?” I wondered.


How many times have you been forced to face change and you classified and doomed it and your universe before taking the next breath?


I noticed that when I was tense, my words became harsh to those around me, especially to those I love the most. I observed that I was holding my breath. I felt stifled at that moment. My eyes hardened, and so did my point of view. I could see only that rogue webpage that had pooped on my life. In the stink of it all, I reflected:


How often do we take a situation and keep focusing on how it messes up our life?


How quickly do you react to pictures or words on the Internet or Facebook?


How quickly do you react to words of others?


More importantly, how can you stop it, redirect it, or at the very least, minimize its stink on us? I kept hearing the words repeated over and over “words, words, words.”


Then it came to me as naturally as gas.


Our words create our intention.


Our words create our actions or reactions.


Our words create our patterns and our possibilities.


So, if we can change our words, we can change our possibilities and the wealth and worth of our wellbeing.


Here’s how to chose your Words of Worth to overpower the stench of stress:


Step 1. Ask

Ask yourself, “Am I in danger?” If you are, get immediate help. If you aren’t and it’s more mental in nature, remind yourself that you are safe and protected in this moment. Now, it may feel strange at first, but the act of doing this will help calm your body and breathing. You can make better decisions in this moment and take better actions in this state.


Step 2. Believe

Ask, “What is the perfect outcome that would help me in this moment?” Many times people will become rattled because they know where or what they don’t want in their lives, but they have NO IDEA what they really want. Create the intention, the action, and the possibility. Fill in the blank. “My intention is to ______________________ and to take action by _________________ to create the possibility of _____________________________.” Great. Keep going.


Step 3. Consider, Change and Create Consistently

Be mindful of the words and phrases you use every day. Are they helping you or hurting you? Are they creating chaos or calm? Even sarcastic words are words wrapped in humor to disguise fear. What words would you be willing to change? Change them.


If you can’t handle it or think you need to go back to your old sarcastic self, you can. But isn’t worth a try to go 24 hours and speak with peace and intention? Now imagine you doing that every single day. How do you visualize your life now?


We are simply walking words and intentions. Become your own dictionary and define what you intend to bring to your life. If you don’t, you unconsciously let life define you, and that can truly stink.

Peace to you. Namaste.

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