Ready for a new chapter? Now would be good.

Ready for a new chapter? Now would be good.

Once Upon a Time…

 Once Upon a Time creates such a large collection of memories for most of us. Once Upon a Time there was a princess, a prince, three bears or a galaxy far away. Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy closer to you, you were younger, you had more money, you had potential, and you had more time. Back then your possibilities were endless, and you were invincible, and maybe back then, Once Upon a Time, Fritos were also acceptable as one of the main food groups, acid jeans were fashionable and so were suspenders.


Your Once Upon a Time story is important to understand where you came from and learn the lessons your history has taught you. However, it is equally important to know how you visualize, experience, and frame your story and how you are writing and creating your present moment.


Many of us are so inundated with stimuli on a daily basis – emails, work, obligations, lists, deadlines, and fears – that we simply can’t keep up. We use our Once Upon a Time story to numb our thinking, so we don’t have to deal with life and everything in it… We use softeners to make our life story seem less tragic.


Do any of these strike a chord?


We never have enough money.

We can’t afford it.

I can’t lose weight… I’ve tried everything

I guess I was meant to be alone and I’m okay with that.

That’s just how my life works.

I didn’t really want the job.

I don’t need to write the book or blog or movie.

Life is just hard.

That’s how things work.

I always seem to attract those people…


What if Once Upon a Time you could have a life you love and are grateful for? What if you could have that life right now? Would you take it? Or would you continue to write the story of why you can’t have it?


Here’s a different version of your story of how you can have it now. It is a two-fold process.


Step one: Stop settling for less than you want. Life is meant for you to grow and become more. This means you must take 100% responsibility of ALL of your decisions. Stop saying and believing that “you don’t know,” or “it’s not important” or that “you don’t care.”


Step two: Be Mindful of the present moment and be grateful.

The past is just that… the past. And the future isn’t here yet. So, the only logical and most important thing you can do in the story of your life is to live in the moment that is right smack in front of you.


What do you observe about this moment? Are you fighting or flowing in this moment? Are you creating the life that you want at this moment by being clear about what you want and leaning in that direction? Or are you engaging in things that are simply distractions that fill the time but don’t fill your soul?


And while there isn’t any “wrong direction” on your path, it’s vital to be conscious of what you are choosing because this impacts your experience of this moment.


How do you become grateful for the moment you have? By simply realizing that today, some people will experience their last one. Contrast is an amazing tool.


So today, despite your Once Upon a Time stories that you have read to yourself for years, change your story and timeline to the present moment. At this moment, anything is always possible. You are the main character and catalyst of the story, and by taking full responsibility for your life decisions and choices, being mindful and grateful of this moment, you can too live Happily Ever After.

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