Make time to play.



When you woke up today, did you think about playing? No, you probably were thinking about sucking another cup of coffee or if you should take a shower or if there was enough gas in your tank. The list maker in your mind began chugging or choking along.


We think that there isn’t time for play. The only play we believe that we can have if any at all is competitive play. But playing is just important to us as it is for kids. “We don’t lose the need for novelty and pleasure as we grow up,” according to Scott G. Eberle, Ph.D., vice president for play studies at The Strong and editor of the American Journal of Play.


So how do we go about playing during our ceaseless day of working and doing? A little amount of play goes a long way. This process can help increase your joy factor which contributes to happiness levels and even productivity. Here are three ways to practice playing.



Refocus your attitude toward play. Remember that playing can relax the mind as well as being as enhancing your creative and problem-solving abilities. So GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO PLAY.



When you were younger, what things did you love doing? What brought you happiness? Were you alone or with a friend? Was it planned or spontaneous? Bring back those activities into your life again. Or try something that you’ve wanted to but never gave yourself the opportunity.



Spend time with the people who make you laugh. If you haven’t seen them in years, call them. Spend time with the family members that you can stand to be around and do something that feels like playing. It could be just hanging out, seeing holiday lights, or simply talking over the various events of your life.


If playing can help you be more creative, help you problem solve, relax your stressed out system, as well have fun and be present in the moment, what are you waiting for? Author Roald Dahl said it best, “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”


Live wisely and go play. Peace.



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