911? What's your emergency?

911? What’s your emergency?

When I counsel individuals, I encounter many scenarios from people who are looking for guidance, direction, and the power to help them in their desires for abundance, love, peace and ultimately happiness.


The first part of my process is to listen intuitively to their stories of what is happening to them or what they perceive is happening to them. Many people habitually believe it is some external circumstance such as other people, age, looks, sex, race, education, money, health, or just a “doomed destiny” that is preventing them from happiness.


One of the first questions I ask is “In this situation, what part did you create or allow?”


Now, if their eyes widen and roll around searching all the quadrants of their brain like they are trying to remember if they left the car running, the iron on or if they are wearing pants, I know we need to pull out the oxygen mask.


Time is needed to breathe and pump more oxygen and mindfulness to stop the dizziness in their brain, and then analyze the situation from a different perspective.I remind them that to be in a powerful state, they need to understand that they are constantly in the process of creating or allowing.


I might ask, “If you walked up to a man and his wife and said, ‘Your wife is so ugly, she can make an onion cry,’ what would you think would happen to you?”


Most people respond with HBO images of physical brutality, bullets, and lots of bloodshed, or at the very minimum, missing teeth. With all their teeth and body parts firmly attached, I ask them, “In this situation, what part did you create or allow?”


Some people laugh nervously and others proudly, “Oh, I created that.”


Then I ask how they created their situation or allowed it to happen. The reason it’s important to take the time to be mindful of one’s current situation or circumstance is sometimes not as obvious as you would think, or sometimes it’s harder to swallow because you want to choke on the truth.


Sometimes we go through life as if we are in a deep sleep or coma, and we just keep doing the things that don’t work over and over again. Or worse, we don’t make any decision or take any action and let our inaction work as a respirator as we remain unconscious.


How do you know if you are in a coma by just letting things happen? Just take a moment to breathe and be mindful of the signs or indicators of your life as you would a heart monitor.


-You didn’t save money, and now you are strapped in an emergency.


-You didn’t take your dog, your kid, yourself into the doctor and now the condition is worse.


-You didn’t make time to try (take action) to meet people online or in person and it’s been ten years since you dated, but have managed to watch all the reruns from all your favorite shows since you were 12. I just loved “Saved By the Bell.”


-You didn’t think of an exit strategy from the job you hated, and now you’ve been laid off.


-You keep looking for a sign from a loved one who has passed that they loved you or that you’re on the right track, but you are too busy to see one.


-You lover gave you MILLION signs that they didn’t love you for years and now you are “too hurt” to love again.


-You know they weren’t going to pay you back, and you kept giving them your money.


-You didn’t want to go the extra mile or learn how to improve your business, and now, your intern or mentee is you, boss. And it doesn’t kill you that you were slacking. It’s killing you that they are ahead of you.


-You didn’t want to count calories or log your steps, and now you have gained weight, and your heart is working overtime.


If any of these tug at you, don’t have a heart attack. Just pull on your mindful mask, and after you realize what you have created or allowed, your next step is simple. Breathe. Just ask yourself, what one small step or action can you take today to help you breathe in the direction that you desire. Then TAKE ACTION. NOW. Then do it again. And again. One breath at a time. You may save a life. Your own. Namaste.

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