You’re irresistible, baby.


Every morning we wake up and look in the mirror. We may or may not like what we see. How many times have we longed for other features to make us feel more beautiful or handsome or just plain “hot”.


Who doesn’t want to be adored by their children, admired by strangers, acknowledged by our bosses of our endless abundance of talent? And when it comes to our closest relationships with friends and family, doesn’t it feel fantastic to be greeted with the smile and love that comes from their soul and not just a quick glance up from Candy Crush? As for our significant others or potential suitors, nothing can replace the feeling of being the “only one in the Universe” at this moment. That is the feeling of being Irresistible. How can we be simply irresistible to everyone?


Here is the million-dollar answer.


Wait for it…. Wait for it… Wait for it… Seriously, WAIT. FOR. IT.


It’s patience.


WTF. I know. Before you start spewing “What the Friend?” Let’s entertain this idea and play.

Over the eons it has taken mankind to evolve, patience has evolved as well and has received the reputation of the foulest thing you can think of much less have. It can even promote violence in others. Think of the last time someone said, “Be patient” and you didn’t want to punch them in the throat. I know, it’s really challenging to remember.


Here’s where my patience was residing the other day.


Summer just started and my two sons Magnus and Atticus were screaming and going back and forth out the back door. As an Intuitive/Sensitive personality, shrieking sounds and screams of bloody murder shred me to my core.


I remained patient for an eternity of 30 seconds. And then here is what happened.

Me, the kind mother – “Stay outside. Or I’ll lock the door.”

Magnus, my problem solver – “I’ll break the window and come in.”

Me, the loving mother – “I’ll call the police.”

Magnus, with enduring logic – “There isn’t any kid jail.”

Me, the mother of honesty and determination – “Yes, there is… it’s called Baby Jail.”


Baby Jail.


This is when the Universe shared its patience with me by kindly slapping and throat punching me into my present moment.

I’m threatening my six year old with Baby Jail. What happened there?

Patience was required. I was in the negative zone of impatience. It was pure ugly. Without patience, I was experiencing my own frustration that I created. No one else was required. I had succumbed to the immediate gratification that I receive when I go to drive-thrus, power-text, or order from Amazon Prime.


These are the daily habits that reinforce that fast is good. Things and people are disposable. Feelings are fleeting. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is worth it. Like love.


There had to be a better way. And there is…with patience. With this irresistible trait, you provide space for your own sense of peace and well-being. With patience, you can cultivate real relationships and go deeper than just an emoji or FB poke with all you come in contact with. You become less restless. You become more mindful and happy. Happy is attractive and sexy to everyone.


Patience works hand and hand with intuition. When you cultivate patience, you are able to hear and feel your intuition more. Think of patience as the pause button and intuition the menu to select your channel for living.


If you want to see how patience can make you instantly irresistible try these in your daily life.



The next time you are in a line, instead of distracting yourself with your phone, look at the people around you. Do any of them look like someone you already know? Look at the people and smile at them. You never know what is going on in people’s life. Your simple smile may keep them going. Not that you should stare at people or creep them out with a goofy smile. But notice how your body and state is more relaxed and how people treat you with kindness.



Next, when you are on the phone with customer service and you’ve waited a very long time, notice your tone. Notice how you are tensing up. Relax those areas. Be kind to the person on the phone. Remember, who ever wanted to grow up and work at a phone bank and talk to cranky, disgruntled people every single day for hours? No one. Not even the babies in baby jail. So speak with them in a kind tone, and notice if you get better service though the connection you made with them.



The next time you are with anyone who has importance in your life – family, friends, or your significant other – practice patience. Put your electronic devices away. Listen to them. Give them your undivided attention. Look into their eyeball sockets. You will make them feel like a million dollars and in return they will do the same for you. You are creating moments that can’t be rushed. You are creating moments that will not be deleted or dropped in a trash file but instead remembered at the end of our days.


Patience is a spiritual practice that can boost your power of intuition. Intuition is our gift to connect with our Universe and to each other at all times. This is how we become irresistible to others. Cultivate patience. It’s worth it. If you don’t believe me, then off to “Baby Jail” you go. Namaste.

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