Don’t fly off the handle. Just fly


The rain comes down. The power goes off. Sometimes things don’t work. The money runs out. The love fades away. Things don’t happen according to plan.

In a world where happiness is the primary focus and goal, where do negative emotions fit in? And how do we deal with them?

Many of us are experts on the way we interact with negative emotion. Some of us suppress them, but they emerge like an unwanted zit. Angry and unexpected. Some of us bask, flailing and wailing in our ocean of despair. However, this doesn’t create any better options.

Some of us even try to compete with others, our negative feelings flying around like a butterfly with a broken wing lamenting and reinforcing, “Do you want to hear EPIC FAIL? I got it worse…look at my Facebook page…”

There is, on the other hand, a unique thing we can get from uncomfortable feelings like anger – an understanding that all emotions are designed to serve you. Call it an emotional text or a call to action.

For example, if you are frustrated or angry in any relationship, that anger is a message telling your higher self that something isn’t working and you know that the situation could be changed for the better. The anger is also a signal that you must be the one to transform the situation.

By doing the inner work of recognizing the feeling, and understanding that you are creating it as a response, you can start to put in motion the action and energy of your desired outcome.

Is it easy to do this at first? Heck no.

But being aware and mindful of this process will help you take the more enlightened step of transforming situations and relationships with solutions that serve you. Not just by burying them. Think of emotions as the catalysts for you to emerge from your self-imposed cocoon. And in the end, by practicing this process, you will be able to use your emotions, and not be ruled by them, to connect effectively with the people and the situations that matter the most in this lifetime. Fly, butterfly, fly. Namaste.

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