Here it is. Your Path to Happiness!


Happiness. Who wants it? We all do. What does it look like? In the world of social media, it can take on all forms like: A new book. Kittens playing in boxes. Graduation. Minions. A wedding. A divorce. A new mate. A new car. A margarita. Farmville. Vacation. A million dollars in donations. A million dollars from Publisher’s Clearing House. Chubby babies. Chubby puppies. Anything chubby… well, almost.


The great thing about happiness is that we can access it anytime we want to. To be more specific, we can access it anytime we are intentional and choose to. But here is the fork in the road, sometimes it easier to be unhappy. We know this state of being. It’s not a great feeling, but it’s a familiar one. We have certainty with it. The real truth is sometimes we are afraid to be happy. We are afraid to be judged. We are afraid if we are happy something terrible is going to happen to balance out the universe because deep down we don’t think we deserve it.


So, let’s play pretend.


Think of someone you know or have seen that was utterly happy. Did you Judge Judy them? Did you secretly think thoughts such as…


Boy, he’s an idiot.

She must be on meds.

He must be off his meds.

Of course, she’s happy. She doesn’t have to work.

He’s happy because he never gets caught.

They are young, stupid, and have no responsibilities.

They don’t care about anyone except themselves.

Yeah, but just wait until they…



As an imperfect human being, I have had these thoughts and spent non-productive days with them. We all do at one time or another. These beliefs come from a place of scarcity and fear. And when we chose to engage in the negativity of what we perceive as someone else’s happiness, we unconsciously block the path to our own happiness. Also, if we do this as a daily defense mechanism, we reinforce our patterns and start to speed down the one-way road to Suckville. Who wants this? No one. Not chubby babies or puppies. So what to do?


Let’s map it out.


The first step is not to judge other’s happiness. Start with not rolling you eyes over the previous statement. Truly, we will never know the depths of a person’s life, much less their soul’s journey. No one’s life is ever easy. No one. We all have our inner and our outer demons to battle.


For example, it’s funny because when I was in high school, people thought my life was easy-peasy. I did well in school. I was a baton twirler, and I wore rhinestones. I had friends, I had a boyfriend, and I was Senior Class Favorite. What people didn’t know was I lived in a chaotic horderesque household. My father drank to ease stress. There were six kids, and there were times where the money wouldn’t last for food and utilities.


Also at that time, I didn’t know what to do with my strong intuitive feelings, and sometimes I would have glimpses of unhappy future events to come and had no control over. So, I became a cutter. Who wants to ease down that road of happiness? “Pick me,” said no chubby baby ever.


But back to our path. The second step to ease down the road to happiness is to be easily pleased. This doesn’t mean to pretend that the challenges and hardships we face in life do not exist. It means as things come our way, we can develop a sense of gratitude for the smallest things and not take anything for granted. If you hate your car, take public transportation at 5 AM in the morning of a thunderstorm. You will have a new appreciation for your old clunker. Hate your apartment or home? Sleep on a bench or sidewalk during a sticky summer night while mosquitoes feast on your blood. You will return to love your cracker box of a residence. Hate your body? Spend a day on the hospice side of a hospital. In a heartbeat, namely yours, you will learn to love all the bumps and lumps of you.


Once you intend to begin your day to mindfully appreciate all that you are and have, your entire being will feel lighter. You will resonate in happiness. This will act as a magnet for attraction, and good things will come your way. You will smile more. Happiness is your birthright as a human being in this Universe. Every moment is an opportunity for intentional and potential happiness. Who wouldn’t want to travel this path? It opens up right before you.


And yes, some people may judge you because they aren’t used to your new ways – be kind to them. They have yet to walk down the road that you are on. In time, with non-judgement and gratitude, they will also be able to join you in your happy journey through life. Remember to watch out for the chubby puppies. Namaste.

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