Be bigger. Be brave. Be love.


We all have it that feeling. The feeling of catastrophe. Whether it’s an impending sense of doom, that gnawing uneasy feeling that sits in the back of our mind, or mad panic, it’s relentless. If we don’t give it our undivided attention, it simply mocks us… every second of every day.


So how do we move through the uneasiness? It’s a part of life, so how can we work with it to transform into our better version of ourselves? Is it possible? Yes. Is it easy? It depends on your effort, attention and being mindful of the moment that you are in.


Try these three actions today when you feel that creeping sensation of fear. And go slow and focus on it for a moment. Yes, look that sucker in the eye. When you are ready to sit down with your fear, here are some next steps to try.



Breathe and know we all are the same and we all have fears. You are special in your path and talents but having fears doesn’t make you different or separate.



You don’t have to overcome a particular fear in one fell swoop. It may be a gradual process, and it may work out even better than you suspected. By going slow and taking “baby steps,” you may reap more of the benefits from overcoming your fear. Enlist a friend, a buddy, outside help if need be to help you. We don’t move through this world in a vacuum. By seeking and receiving help, you will be able to heal and evolve into your bigger self so that you can help others like you.



No matter how uncomfortable fear is, it’s designed is to help us grow and find our spiritual path (however you define it). Ask yourself, “why am I am fearful of _______?” Next, ask yourself, “How will my life be if I don’t move through this fear?” Finally, ask yourself, “What could be the greatest benefit if I could overcome this fear?” Stop and listen to what you hear in your mind or body.


By spending time evaluating your fear from a higher viewpoint, you lessen the emotional grip fear has on you. And you can provide yourself with a glimpse of what life could be like without it.


If at first, you do not see a benefit from overcoming this fear, then ask again when you are in a different state, or ask the question, “If I overcome this fear, who could I also help who is going through the same experience?” You will be amazed at what answers pop up. Listen to them.


In its essence, our fear is a call to action to move through it and grow so that we can help others. So don’t leave fear behind. Sit with it. Face it. Friend it and then accept all the lessons, benefits and surprises it has in store for your bigger you and your bigger life. Be brave. Be big. Be love. Namaste.

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