Springtime. It is that time of year when we are itching to Feng Shui our house, spring clean our closets, and get the weeds out of our gardens. Why stop there?


Think of the people you encounter every single day. Think of their energy. When you think of particular friends, coworkers, family or lovers, do you smile or secretly cringe? If you do the latter, then it’s probably time to Feng Shui your peeps. You will find that those whom you need to unclutter from your life fall into three main categories:


The Downer

The Toxic Terror

The Timeless One


Does any of these feel familiar?


The Downer/Victim is the one who comes in your space and nothing is ever right. They lost their job. They are sick. They have no friends, and they will tell you. They have no money. They have no self-esteem. Nothing ever works out for them. The downer has nothing to offer you, and they simply want your attention all the time. They feel that if they don’t have a sad story (the sadder, the better), then they have no significance. The upside for them is that if they can find a sap to listen to their story, then they get attention, sympathy, and significance. And if you hang around long enough you leave lower than you were when you first encountered them.


Next on the list is the Toxic Terror. They are similar the Downer, except they use injustice and rage to feel important. They are the ones who will tell you that they got “screwed” or how the world is “screwed up” or that there is “no justice.” They look for the bad in a situation so they can happily say, “I told you so,” or, “I knew it would happen.” They piss in your cornflakes. They mock your joy. They are afraid to be happy because they don’t want to appear weak, plus, it takes away from their identity and their certainty of being righteously wrong. Hang around them long enough and watch your cortisol levels rise and your cornflakes wilt.


Third, we have the Timeless One. You know this one. The one that says they will call and doesn’t. The one that says they will show up and doesn’t. The one who constantly forgets. They apologize profusely only to forget again at the next opportunity. The good news is they won’t pee in your cornflakes because they are the flakes.


So how do you Feng Shui these people from your life, or at least your breathing space?


You don’t have to chase these folks with a broom or a Dyson, although if you could, it would be a much quicker process. But if you have people that constantly lie, steal, or abuse you in any way, then it is imperative that you remove yourself from this type of energy, or at the very least minimize your exposure until you can.


The first step is to identify them. Easy. You know who they are.


Next, you truly have to clean up your own energy. Become mindful and practice self-care, taking action on what will serve you best. Is their energy helping or hurting?


If you determine that they are bringing toxicity to your life, then decide to release them. When you “decide,” which means to “cut off,” you are consciously making the decision to control your energy field and exist in a space that supports nurtures, and brings you joy. The optimal word is joy.


When you are in joy, you resonate a higher vibrational energy. The Downer and the Terror don’t know what to do with that energy because it’s not aligned with them, and as a result, your resilience makes them feel uncomfortable. It will be a challenge for them to stay with you. As for the Timeless One, you can just choose to let them run on their own time and not yours. And this allows you to go on your joyful way.


Why should you even give a Feng Shui about the people around you and their energy? The answer is simple.


If you look at our time on Earth, every day counts. There isn’t a day to squander away in a dirty space with people that pollute your life. Living in Joy is your birthright as a human being in this amazing Universe. Elevate your energy and Feng Shui the people that don’t contribute to your life. And when you set them, and yourself, free, you can finally enjoy fresh air and fresh cornflakes. Namaste.

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