It’s time to go. Now.

If you ever have had the great blessing of witnessing a kid waiting for something, it probably looked like a torture session straight out of a horror movie. Uncontrollable wincing, body contortion, crying, whining, and blood-curdling screams. And the simple truth could have been that they were waiting their turn to change the channel, to be “it,” or go to the bathroom.

If you ever had a chance to witness adults waiting… it doesn’t look too much different. Is this you? Is this you in traffic? Is this you when you are running and trying to beat your pace, and you run right behind someone that is creeping up the road? How do you feel when you only have one freaking thing to purchase and everyone, and I do mean everyone has at least 75 items in their basket and you contemplate stealing or chunking the one thing you have because of rage. Then, there is the copier at work. Again, you only have one copy. And an important one and lives depend on it. However, your co-worker is printing enough copies to wipe out an acre of rainforest. Then there is the Muzak version of Britney Spears’ Toxic you must listen to before you get to an operator to “assist you with your call.”

Is your blood boiling yet? Great.

Then this means that there is some truth in there for you to consider.

It’s funny how when we have mundane tasks to do or something important to do, we SIMPLY. CAN’T. WAIT.

But when it comes things the big things we need to do or desire to do, we gladly sit our rumpus on the waiting room couch. Sometimes forever out of fear.We may wait for the perfect job, the perfect mate, the perfect opportunity, the perfect choice and it either takes a very long time or never comes.

Why? Because while we don’t realize that while we are waiting, we are knitting ourselves a giant fear frock or sweater. In the waiting room, we can always project the future and imagine it will be better. Or better yet, we can drag our fannies and drama to the past and say, “I know this is true because it happened to me in the past.”

But here’s the thing. Even in the waiting room, you are neither in the past or future. Only right here. So what to do?

Make peace with the present right here and now.

Start with appreciating the fact that you can breathe 16-20 times in a minute. Trust me, if you couldn’t, then you would appreciate this even more.

Next, if you notice yourself having an aversion to this moment, ask yourself, what is causing you this discomfort? It could be a conversation, a co-worker, or just that you don’t know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Whatever answer you get, be kind to yourself. Non-judgment is required.

Finally, ask yourself what do you need right now that YOU CAN CONTROL to give you peace in this moment.

This may take some time at first, but while listening to your breathing and doing regular check-ins with yourself and taking action YOU CAN CONTROL, you can leave the waiting room anytime you desire and get to the business of living and loving your life. Namaste.

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