You are amazing.

I love seeing the sayings, “Life is too complicated as a human. Time to be a Unicorn.” or “If you can’t be yourself, be a Unicorn.” My personal favorite is “I look into the mirror, and I see a unicorn. One bad-ass unicorn.”


I get it. There are days I wish I were a unicorn too.


But we have one job here while we are on this tiny marble. And that is to embrace who we are as a human being and evolve as a soul. It is our purpose to keep growing and nurture who we are becoming so that we can help others we encounter on our path. That’s it.


How much time do we spend wishing and wanting to be something or someone else?  The constant comparison to people both dead and alive, online or offline, famous or infamous is SIMPLY. EXHAUSTING. As we keep dreaming of someone else’s life, we are meticulously building our nightmare. Daily.


Also, the strain and unconscious tension of comparing only causes more suffering and creates more comparison. It’s a cycle. It’s an addiction. It’s madness.


So, how do we stop the daily comparison? Or at least slow down the unicorn?


We just breathe.


Then slowly we become mindful and look at one thing that we like about ourselves. And if you can’t think of anything, look at your hands. Look how much they serve you throughout the day?


Next, look at your feet. Can you walk? Do they not carry you and all your loads both physical and emotional all day long? Appreciate them.


Look in the mirror. Look at your eyes. Go beyond the circles or redness and just look at them. They are the same as when you were a little kid and were scared, when you just wanted someone to hold you and say, “You’re gonna be okay.” They are the same eyes you wanted someone to look deeply in and say, “I love you.”


Now, look at you IN THE MIRROR. And hold yourself without judgment. Be thankful for your beating heart at this moment. Look into your eyes and know that it’s going to be okay today.  In this very moment, look with kindness and say to yourself, the only you that you have, and say, “I love you.” And mean it.  Then, release the unicorn. Namaste.

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