Pay the price. It’s your fabulous life.

You are alive TODAY. Whatcha want? Whatcha really, really want?

The great thing about being alive today is there are an infinite amount of ways to live, thrive and contribute. Your life is a creative expression in action. How you create, this is up to you.

To be a success in life, you must focus on what you want, and know why you want it. The real work and manifestation of your desires and goals are in paying the price.

Whether your goal is to change jobs, move to a new city, start your own business, train for a marathon or find your soulmate, it is essential to put forth the effort and focus. Every day. And again. For an uncertain amount of time and even if it causes uneasiness, exhaustion, and fear.

Paying the price isn’t always easy and can be very challenging. It’s designed to be this way for a higher purpose for you to become the more evolved and fantastic you.

Every time you desire something new in your life, the universe provides you with the opportunity to rise to this challenge. You must be willing to make the changes to do what it takes to become this newer being.

In other words, you have to pay the price for this new experience. In our very fast paced life, results are expected and successful ones at that on a daily basis. However, the universe responds to what we need for growth, not by how fast we need it.

With this in mind, be willing to take the steps, quickly or slowly, whether they are easy or insanely impossible, to attain your goals and desires. This includes practicing every day by moving in the direction toward your desire. And remember sometimes setbacks are necessary to correct our course on our path when paying the price.

By being mindful of what you desire, and putting forth the effort and attention in that area, you build momentum. Tons of it. It will be this momentum that will carry you through all the stages toward your goal – the thrill and fantasy of dreaming up what you want, going through the awkward phase of trying to figure out how to get there, and then finally recognizing what the price is for having what you want.

There may be a point where you finally realize what this price requires from you in terms of time and effort and trade-offs, and you need to decide if it’s worth it.

This is where being mindful and using your intuition is of great use. Yes, there will be times of doubt, but only you will know if you should keep going and if you will continue to pay the price to reach your dreams.


Anything worth having in this lifetime isn’t easy by design. You’re desires and goals are meant to stretch you and transform you to a newer (more enlightened) you. As you go through this process, you can check in with yourself and feel the sensations of openness (lightness) or tightness. These physical sensations will guide you whether you are on the right course or if you need to redirect your energies elsewhere. If you do feel you are right on track, then keep going and pay the price until you manifest what you want and then you can work on your next adventure of soul growth. And then start paying the price again.

That’s why life is price-less. Go get it. Namaste.




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