Enough with the Fighting.



Respect the Joy.

Have you ever noticed when you have some exciting news and tell someone you numb it or dumb it down when it comes to its joy level? For instance, you got your dream job or dream lover, and someone congratulates you, and you say, “well, we’ll see if it lasts long…”

Or perhaps you are looking white hot fabulous and someone compliments you and you say, “Thanks, but maybe you should have your eyes checked.”

I have the awesome privilege of working with amazing human beings each day. Everyone is in search of love, peace, worthiness and joy. When we start working together on their path and they start to move toward joy… people FREAK OUT. They sabotage themselves. They lower their expectations so they can raise their certainty about their lives. “Oh, I knew this wouldn’t work out… it never does.”

Don’t settle for certainty. That’s not truth and not YOUR TRUTH.

The truth is Joy is FIERCE. Everyone wants it, but you have to OWN it.

Joy is a positive feeling, and it’s a feeling of POWER. Its power is gigantic, uncertain and unpredictable and sometimes wildly fantastic.

When it comes to joy and power and mingling with the people of our lives, we are always judging each moment to make sure that we don’t hit overkill with feelings of overjoy.


they will compare their lives with ours, and they won’t like us

they won’t get promoted that way

they don’t want to be too special

they don’t want to be too sexy

they don’t want to be too happy


Joy was meant to be yours. And yours alone. It’s your power. It’s your present moment. If other people handle can’t handle it, IT IS OKAY. You will live and so will they.


If I give you a present and you don’t want it, whose present is it? It’s still mine.

If people give you a box of crap and you don’t want it? Whose present is it? It’s theirs. 

Isn’t it cool how that works?


The moral lesson of the story is…Don’t take people’s crap in boxes or otherwise. But remember to keep your joy always.  It’s your superpower to the present moment. And with all power comes great responsibility. So use your joy for good. Now carry on joyfully and be FIERCE. Namaste


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