We rush. We rush from bed to coffee. Coffee to the door. Door to car. Then we are off to another busy day of busyness. There is no taste from the food that nourishes us. Our work fills the time clock. Our conversations with others become an afterthought. We are caught in the doing, and thinking ahead. We are ahead. We are too much in our heads. We come home full of thoughts and things to do. We are worried, angry, fearful that we didn’t get enough done, and that there is still to a lot to be done… we are running out of time. And then we jump on the computer, phone, or television to use up as much time as we can to avoid the unpleasantness of simply being still.


How do we slow down? How do we get it all done? How do we become more with doing less?


We simply take a few steps to bring mindfulness to it. Find a seat. Sit a spell. And breathe. 


Step One: Think of all the activities, communications and work you have to do or believe you have to do. Experience the constrictive feeling in your body. Where does it feel uncomfortable? Where does it feel tight? Feel it squeezing you until there is no more air.


Okay, breathe. 


Step Two: Take a few deep breaths and look at your hands and clasp them together. Notice how far they have brought you into the world and through all your experiences.

Acknowledge that today is the only day you know you have at this moment.


Breathe again.


Step Three: Now, open your hands up, palms up, gently and slowly. Visualize what kind of day you would choose to have if this were your last. Next, as you go through your day, be intentional and let go of anything that doesn’t provide you with abundance, joy, love, and peace. If you catch yourself rushing again, be kind and look down at your hands again. Then hang on to the things that mean everything at this moment. Breathe and feel the gratitude that you are still breathing today. Peace to you.

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