You got this. Really.

Fear. Just saying or reading the mere word of “fear” can leave us with a feeling of uncertainty and unease. We face fear in hundreds of little ways each day as we think or ask ourselves series of questions. Will I be okay? Will she be okay? Will she make it today? Am I safe? Is my job safe? Does he still love me? Will she still love me after this? Do I have enough gas? Do I have enough money? Does anything even matter? Is there physically something wrong with me? Is the cancer back? Is he drinking again? Can I get through this?   Our day-to-day challenge is how to be satisfied and grateful for the day when all we have is this never-ending sensation of doom and despair. Here are three steps to being fearless. Hang on to your superhero cape.

Step 1: Acknowledge the fear and the sensation that goes with it.

If you don’t accept your fear, it will manifest you in your denial through other activities that don’t serve you such as eating, drinking, spending or any other distraction. These are temporary fixes, and the fear will grow like a weed without attention. By stopping for a moment and being present and recognizing in your mind or out loud the fear and where you are feeling the uncomfortable sensation in your body, you begin to lesson the vice grip hold it has on you. You may not have your all the answers you need, but by moving in this direction, you will feel a lifting.

Step 2: Remember when you were brave.

Fear is like most things in our lives, it comes and goes. So when it shows up again, it is imperative to remember all the other times in your lifetime where you were brave and made the better decisions, took actions that helped instead of hurt, and loved despite all odds. You have gone through tough times. You are still here. You are still brave. You still matter. You are bigger than this.

Step 3: Be present, chunk it down and take action.

If you do these two steps and are still feeling the squeeze, it is important to be mindful of this present moment and discover the gratitude that you are here and alive. If you don’t know what next steps to take, then take the smallest, even tiniest in the direction that you want to lean into. This motion of action will help your focus on possibilities, potential, and healing. In these fast-paced times, we can all feel like we live in a whirlwind of fear. Sometimes the best things we can do is, “be still” and breathe. And by embracing the gratitude of being here on this Earth at this time, we can feel the wind underneath our capes. Namaste.

How can you be fearless today?

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