There’s got to be a better way, yes?

Ask yourself a question. Who is the single most person you interact with each day? Who do you call, text, FB, Twitter, Skype, or follow? After you have gone through your short list of celebrity and real BFFs, close friends, family, fringe friends, who is left? The person you are going to spend the most time with on this planet is simply you. 

Whether conscious or not, you are asking yourself at least hundreds of questions if not more in a day. Do any of the following sound remotely familiar?

Why am I always tired? Why did I eat that? Why do I always get behind people like this in line? Why are people so stupid? Why am I so stupid? Why isn’t there any money in my bank account? Why do things like this always happen to me? Why do I fall in love with the same person? Why do I put up with this? Why don’t things happen the way I want it? Why don’t I ever listen to my gut? Why do my kids/pets always do this?

If any of the statements feel uncomfortable but familiar, that’s fantastic! This sensation means you are not alone on this planet in how you talk to yourself. However, if questions are going to to be a part of your life, here’s how to get the most bang per your buck, or in this case question.

Reframe your question so that it serves you and moves you in the direction you want to go in or at least lean into. To do this, slow down to be mindful and intentional. By slowing down, you create the shift that you need, and you are NOT living life as a reaction or your mind’s reaction. “But what does that sound like or look like?”. This is a better question.

For example, you might ask, “Why am I always tired?”.  Try, “What can I do to bring more energy into my life now and enjoy the process?”. This question doesn’t focus on the problem. It focuses on more of more of what you need and less of what you don’t need. You can use this new perspective or shift for any questions. Instead of, “ Why isn’t there any money in my bank account?” to ” What could I do right now to either save or create more streams of income?” Now you may not get the perfect and complete answer right away, but it will help you in the process of your desired outcome. If you ask, “Why do I always get involved with toxic people,” you may want to ask, “How can I find and spend time with people who will love and energize me?” You keep asking the question until you get your desired result. This shift may feel a little awkward at first, like your first kiss. But down the line, it became worth it, right?

Same thing. Now, isn’t this worth trying because it’s your life and you are worth it? You already know the answer. Namaste.

With a shift of intention, what better question should you ask yourself today to get the life experience you want?



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