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Most people want their dream job, their soulmate, to live with passion, to be happy in the present moment. Who doesn’t? When I ask them what that job, soulmate, or desire look like, many times I get a look of confusion and a face as if I asked them if they have syphilis.


But when I ask them what they don’t want they can give me a list that is miles and miles long. These just a few real comments that I have heard…


I hate jobs that I have to work with the public. I hate jobs where people are telling me what to do all the time. I hate men who don’t pick up after themselves or can’t talk about their feelings. I hate men who dress like a trucker. I hate women who are so selfish. I hate women who don’t take care of themselves. I hate people who wear socks and slippers when shopping. I hate people who ride up on my ass in traffic or at grocery stores. I hate boring or late people. I hate being bored. I hate worrying. I hate not sleeping. I hate worrying about how to pay for my… (fill in the blank), I hate bratty children in public. I hate…


This state of being is what I call “Judgment Road.” It’s the quick road to nowhere.


It is common for us to make judgments about things in our lives. Each day we are bombarded with an unfathomable amount of information, and our brain is trying to categorize it for us. Is this good? Is this bad? Will this kill me? How many calories is it? Will I pay for this later? We are hardwired for this for survival. The key word is here is survival.


But when it comes to manifesting your blessings and desires, it’s necessary to put the brakes on a judgment. When you are in a non-judgmental state, you open up to many things. Your thinking is freed up, and you are not filling your mind with endless chatter that creates stress about how things or people should be. You are more in tune to your needs and can address them. You are more present and less distracted when you are in the presence of another. You can actually “see” them, and they can see you. You make a better connection. You can discover intuitively better options and clarity for your life. Things feel clearer, lighter, and more like love.


Try this today. When you start to encounter your day, notice when you start labeling and judging from the get go. When you catch yourself doing this, don’t beat yourself up and judge yourself either. Just acknowledge it and remind yourself that you don’t need these thoughts or roadblocks in this moment of your life.


Mother Teresa embodied this when she said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” She was on the fast track to love.


So today, be kind to yourself, put the brakes on judgment and look at your wide-open road of possibilities and big love. Namaste.

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