Be brave and breakout.


That voice. That damn voice. The one you hear softly or sometimes loudly that you muffle with the internet, television, or try to drown out with a peanut butter chocolate donut. That voice that reminds you: “You don’t want to work out because you are tired. And you look tired. There is no one for you out there to date even with the 7 billion + people on the planet. So don’t try to find love online because it’s embarrassing. You better stay with this job because the benefits aren’t great, but it’s better than nothing. You’re just going to be fat. You’re just going to be poor. You can’t try again; it doesn’t work. That’s what happens when you are old. Dude, you’re old. It’s not going to get better. You have no more lives in Candy Crush…”

Isn’t interesting how that little voice in your head has seemed to perfect the production of limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs can come from a myriad of past experiences or fears and over time, they can grow deep roots into your being. On a conscious level, you may be aware of the voice and all its trash talk and just go with it because that’s what you habitually do. Or you may not be aware of it at all, but throughout your day, things feel harder, more annoying, or more depressing. And all you notice is that you are really, really tired and all the Monster energy drinks, Walking Dead shows, and Candy Crush can’t move you, and so you just crawl in your box and listen to the voice tell you about more bad or horrific things coming to get you. Or how you should waddle to the kitchen to grab one donut to bring back to your box because, “well, you know the drill…things are crappy, and so are you”.


But what if


But what if you DIDN’T have to live the rest of your life this way? What if it only took the smallest amount of effort? Would you do it? What if I bribed you with a donut? Okay, okay let’s just break it down together in 4 teenie-tiny steps.


The first step is to identify how you are limiting yourself through your thoughts.

Take a small amount of quiet time and write down at least 1 limiting belief that you habitually encounter in thought. For example, you may have always had the desire to start your own business, but perhaps your inner critic always tells you, “It’s too much of a hassle. It’s hard, and you’re not that smart. Remember your grades in algebra?” Write it down. Seriously. Get a pencil and write: My inner critic says (or lies) that I don’t have what it takes to run a business. By writing it down, you can experience it in a different setting and sometimes see the insanity of what you took as a truth and have been living with for a long time. Too long.



The second step is to get into the flow of your imagination. What has the so-called limited belief from your inner critic cost you in your life? If your critic said you’re not business savvy, what has this caused you to do or not do in your life? Did it always cause you to feel less than? Did you cause you not to pursue your dream further? Do you now give up easily? It’s dire that you understand that you must release this habitual thought so you can make room for new ones. After a little contemplation, document your thoughts. You could write down “By keeping this old decrepit belief of ___________________, I am losing_____________.” Lay it on thick because you want to create the greatest distance from this old dysfunctional belief.



Okay, now you know your limited thoughts. You know what it costs you negatively in your life to have this perpetual thought in your being. Now, here’s the fun. Determine and decide what you’d REALLY rather be, feel, or do. So if you do want your own business, you would again write it down. Use the power of words. Create an epic new statement such as: “With a new belief of I am capable and can run my own business of expensive salty-sweet desserts, and I would feel like I’m creative in my culinary endeavors and I could create my app where people could add their own toppings virtually!


4. GO

The last step is to go. This means to go forth in the direction that you desire with your new and improved belief or set of beliefs. By having created and written down your new thoughts and intentions, you have now given yourself the power and permission to move or take action in a new way. Now, go in that direction. Constantly and every day. Keep moving in that direction until the statement becomes the belief from the voice that you can finally trust. This could be by visiting businesses you would like to model or look for business courses online or simply by making it your mission to find the city’s best donut and see how you could do it better.


And remember, you can take as little or as big of a step as you can handle. By the yard, it’s hard, and by the inch, it’s a cinch to feel and experience the breakthrough. Now go forth and be brave and get me a donut. Sweet Namaste.


What limiting belief is it time for you to bust through today?


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