Want Success? Search for Appreciation.


Change. Change. Change. Every day, I am blessed to work with people who want better for themselves in this lifetime. It takes on many forms such as relationships, jobs, financial security, business relations, to find their soul’s purpose or to simply fit in a smaller pair of stretch pants.

This is great. We are always in a state of change. This is our nature. Like a plant, if we are not growing, we are dying. But there is a secret to getting what you believe you desire and enjoying the process along the way. The secret is to practice “uncommon appreciation.” (Cue the universal eye roll).

Hang on to your stretch pants for a moment. Think about how you navigate in the world for a minute. Do you long for meaningful relationships whether in business or your personal life but flip off people on the highway? Are you constantly judging people on how they dress, drive, act and make it a sport? Do you call out on social media of how wrong people are?   Did you rip one to the poor soul who is a telephone customer service rep in Manila because “You’re the customer, damn it”? Did you even look the person who was serving you today your groceries or coffee and say, “Thank you”?

We have all done it at one time or another. It happens. We are human. But if we want to be beings who are living to our highest potential, we have to live and raise our vibrational level to a higher state. This state is appreciation. To boost this level for maximized effect, practice uncommon appreciation.   Simply be grateful. For everything. For everyone. By making this a daily practice, you start the cycle of success. Your appreciation leads to gratitude; your gratitude leads to abundance. With abundance comes generosity towards others. This abundance can come in several forms at once such as financial opportunities, connection, or adventures.

If you take a moment to reflect, think about the last time you gave someone something. It could have come in the form of money, helpful advice, or a prayer. Remember how that person felt and in return, how you felt.   The sensation should feel like an expansion of yourself. It’s better than a beer buzz. When you are in this state, then you are elevating yourself to the possibilities to be more and to give more. You expand on a universal level and spiritual level.   Business meetings go smoother; it’s easier for you to find your purpose in life or love, and to shop for smaller stretch pants. Thank you. I appreciate you. Truly. Now, be successful. Namaste.

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