And just like that, wisdom and love are under your nose.


Trying to make sense of life’s lessons? Your teacher is under your nose.

Failed relationships. Not being able to stick with the program. Eating the greasy, salty chips anyway. Old and sick pets. Old and sick people. Running out of time. Not enough of anything. Tired. Of. It. All.

This is life. This is your life.

Take a look what is around you at this moment? What do you see? Is it a stack of magazines and leftovers? Are you surrounded by to-do lists and undone laundry? Or are you surrounded by pictures of things, or family you love?   Everything around is designed in its own way to teach us awareness.   From the sunshine that is coming in outside to the dying plant in the corner, all things can help guide us to what we need in the present moment. We can learn from anything and anywhere. Truly.

You may say, What?!! I’m completely overloaded already. How can I take in what a bag of Fritos is trying to say to me?   Fret not. This innate wisdom is the amazing gift of being human. And the answers to your life lessons can be found from the teachers that appear right under your nose. Yes, it’s true we do have many things vying for our attention at all times. Your quest is to discover the ones that feel right in your gut, in your intuition, or in your soul’s alignment.

The chips in front of your face may be teaching you that you need to take more time for yourself. The plant that’s dying in the corner is a reminder that you too need sun and water to flourish. Your elderly dog with the light fading from his eyes is teaching you to love now because there may be no tomorrow.

If you approach life and the people and experiences that come into your pathway with a sense of wonder, mysteries can be unlocked every day. Just remember to bring patience and humility to this task.   So if you ever catch yourself feeling overwhelmed, feeling lost, or in the dark, never fear, just look around at this moment for who or what is trying to teach you, to guide you or to simply love you. Namaste.

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