Slow is how to go.

You want it all RIGHT NOW? Then, go SLOW.

Think about your morning. Did you stretch out of bed or did you stumble after your phone alarm sang, “Everything is Awesome,” and fell on the floor? Did you shower and eat breakfast or can’t remember if you shampooed or chewed? Did you pray to your gas tank to get you to work because you’re riding on empty and you left your wallet at home with your phone? And now you are without funds or the ability to “phone a friend” in an emergency, or play Candy Crush?

If you took a moment, let’s say a few minutes. If you slowed down your pace and became more mindful and more conscious what would your day look like?

If you weren’t stumbling and rushing out of bed, is it possible that you would wake up more refreshed than shooting up cortisol levels like a junkie putting yourself into a panicked state? If you gave yourself the time to shower and wake up to the sensations of rushing water and ate a breakfast that you could taste and experience, would you be able to communicate to your subconscious mind know “we are good to go and experience the day”?

Now, think about the things you want to experience in this lifetime. More time. Better health, a better job, car, home. A relationship with someone you can spend your time and life with even if it’s a Candy Crush one.  Fill in the proverbial blank.

Every moment, the Universe is trying to get your attention. It’s your BFF that’s trying to help you along your path. The path that you desire. The path that is your own truth.  But if you are scrambling from one moment to another while trying to beat the clock, ride on fumes, inhale instead of eat, all while spending hours that turn into days of playing games, ranting on social media of how you are just trying to get through the day then you can’t hear  your BFF who is screaming at you. All the time. Everyday. For the rest of your life.

You won’t notice that email that tells you to stop working on a project, or won’t discover that there is a job posting available that’s your dream job. You won’t connect that every time you eat wheat, you become bloated due to gluten intolerance.

You won’t make that connection with that fabulous looking person who is looking your way because you are trying to “get another life” in the Candy Crush Universe instead of yours.

When I work with my clients, the first thing we do is SLOW *&%@#*& DOWN. Pardon my strong characters, but it’s that important! Next, we evaluate what area they need to shift their focus and hold their attention. This is my favorite part. It’s great to see their “aha” moment when they realize they are spending not enough time or in some cases,  no time on their truest desires.  They say they have no time but by slowing down and breaking down their day and habits, there is more time that they can allot. By being mindful of what they desire and slowing down they can finally see the nudges of encouragement and support from the Universe. They do get a sense of amazement, closer to their desires, peace, and in essence, “another life” that is so much slower and sweeter than Candy Crush.

Where do you need to slow down to have a life that is more aligned to your desires and your soul’s purpose? Now go get it. Slowly. Namaste.

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