Connection is more than physical touch or emotional bond. It’s a catalyst for change. Using compassion and wisdom to guide her intuitive gifts, Kim Flores helps you connect with love, purpose and service to experience abundant happiness in your lifetime right now.

While Kim has always used her intuition as a guide for her own spirit and well-being, in 2000 she began using her gift to conduct readings for people in need. Her guidance rests on a foundation of action, ideal for those who are ready – today – to make a change in their mindset, their actions, and their unique situation.

A teacher, speaker, published author and highly regarded intuitive counselor, she paraphrases George Washington Carver to define her passion for helping others: Simply Service.

That means serving as a guide who helps you overcome patterns that no longer benefit you, allowing you to focus on the present moment and move in the direction of your life’s true path. Whether your concerns lie in health, relationships, spirituality, career or your financial future, Kim will guide you towards empowerment. And from that empowerment, you create action – confidently, quickly, in pursuit of meaningful change.